Forget “netzah Yehuda battalion” foiled bombing attempt.

מטעני הצינור שנתפסו. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Two Palestinians captured in Tulkarem with pipe bombs. Terrorists strove to attract following the attack the IDF forces to a nearby village, to the violent streak premeditated.

תאריך: 23/02/2014, 20:27    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

נצח יהודה

Netzah Yehuda battalion Regiment force
Foiled last night (Saturday) attack at the einav checkpoint near Tulkarm when stopped two Palestinian residents of the village of Anabta when they discovered two pipe bombs and Molotov. In addition, the authority is in two of the popular resistance committees. During interrogation said they planned to carry out an attack on a checkpoint with intent to harm the soldiers.

The attack was thwarted thanks to the vigilance of the force who man the checkpoint. The force identified two suspects approaching the checkpoint, stopped them and scanning tools. The event ran the operational company סמ”פ, which is at the same time at the checkpoint for auditing and training of warriors. After the incident reinforced the checkpoint. The force was very determined to arrest and execute the scan “, said Majid netzah Yehuda battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Telem Cantor. “This is a great success because we managed to foil an attack and to avoid the entrance of the village, where they could wait a few hundred people in a violent disturbance.

Forget “netzah Yehuda battalion” foiled bombing attempt.

The suspects are not known to the security forces, and a lone bomber roadmap and no infrastructure. However, according to Lieutenant Colonel Cantor, likely because
The two were sent to carry out the attack by villagers. “This is a potentially violent resistance village,” he said. “The suspects wanted to draw us in and out of the village and village residents sent them to do it.”

Tulkarm region already knew several bombing attempts:
A few months ago was arrested at a checkpoint after a Palestinian woman cut after shooting a flare gun into the checkpoint and kidney is a knife. A year ago there was a run-in with Berry checkpoint four terrorists. ” Einav checkpoint is the last barrier before, and therefore the motivation to hurt him, said Lieutenant Colonel Cantor. “Therefore it is important to train the troops.
All the time, so be ready and sharp and realize that everything is dynamic and changes. You can’t “.

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