Fourth candle with a predecessor Regiment the HFC, established four years ago.

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Small company was transformed over time to search and rescue battalion loyal warriors mission at the national level. The regimental officer: “operational successes have shaped the regiment.”

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מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

חילוץ והצלה
פיקוד העורף

Orange is the new black? With the establishment of the regular swing in the HFC and the brigades fighters were built over the years, the importance of search and rescue brigades became clear to all. Although not always so: when “Regiment” was established four years ago.
It was not clear to everyone what is that orange thing, “as he called it, the officer of the Regiment, major agenda of light Pierce.

The company only started it (regimental training base), which was still under a bending wave value. “From the beginning to build recurring battalions as every track cost of company-company Regiment. Of the time had a battalion under the command of
Lt. Col. Golan coming, “said Maj. Pierce.

The second battalion was established, but many did not understand what makes the fighter Regiment. Speaking of “the first year I didn’t understand where we’re going with the years has only pride and heritage among the stories accumulated, testified Maj. Pierce. “Over the years, accumulated operational successes, and is the regular mass-created Orange warriors,” he added.

Today, the regiment along with other search and rescue brigades Government operating in Judea and Samaria and in the South. “The importance of the home front command is at the national level. All
The brigades lived know each other’s work, but only of the HFC knows how to do his job in terms of search and rescue “, stressed and reminded that” the next war will be at the back of the head.

Also in the regiment “page. “We in the South, in Yemen, the region and gave replies to the falls that were in the area,” said Maj. Pierce. This regiment “touching and dealing with the civilian population. The decrees of our operative both within the country and to touch civilians and authorities, “he said.

Major Pierce knows what he’s talking about when he refers to changes in the regiment. He was the oldest officer in the Regiment, and saw its development since the first theoretical teaching as well as Deputy Regiment went away, another company was company. “I see the way The regiment began instead not captures and today is instead attached and he shortened mocata, success in operational activities that have shaped the troop concluded.

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