From scopes, stretchers and running: in the Navy doing boot camp like the Golani


The training courses of the Navy have been upgraded with elements taken from combat training courses: swimming and rowing in the side rubber boats, were added and beret travel links

תאריך: 08/01/2014, 16:04    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה“ל

A revolution in naval training: beginning from the last Navy recruits perform boot track which combined elements of training combat fighters — including carrying stretchers, vertebrae, ranges and beret. Alongside these elements will be integrated into other chapters that make the Navy course, paddling
The inflatable boat and swimming.

In addition, the training in Haifa on a project, and start ‘ lifestyles to maintain physical fitness. This is so that they can lead men to high level. “Our goal is the Commander can say to apprentice: follow me, don’t be afraid,” said IDF major site Dotan Ben Haim, combat fitness training base (bahad) Navy.

Maj. Ben Haim explained the rationale behind the new route. “The change was made out of
That applies to feel he has achieved something, we should give him something concrete by hand. Journeys
Hard enough to forge and to give a sense of accomplishment, but not destined to fail, “he added.

From scopes, stretchers and running: in the Navy doing boot camp like the Golani

Captains rubber boats stage of the covert. Photo: Navy.

The change concerns also the captains, and the medieval naval Warrior sets and look more captains class trip 28 km beret-including four rubber boats and four. However, at the end of basic naval fighter, in degree of difficulty from February 20, ל03, and fighters will iknacho 10 km of paddling. Moreover, the Warriors will resume in infantry and gun shoes m16s, instead of 16.

At Ste decided to advance the date of warriors with water: Ocean series, a week old, give them an early acquaintance with life on board. In addition, even before the end of the course the students will be divided into ships, take the power in his ship. They will have the opportunity to form with the team and get them operational.

Meanwhile, to foster permanent staff members, it was decided to start the operation ‘ lifestyles. The project includes structured fitness training in and monitoring nutritionist, you enter the kitchen of her too (for some). Basic products are converted in a healthier substitute.

Permanent personnel there final destination: 10 runtime. “today we no longer speak.
For people who retire at age 45, 55, said Maj. Ben Haim.
“These ages rising morbidity among those who didn’t take care of himself,” said. “In addition, research indicates that those who recovered, missing less work, and its output is rising,” he said.

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