From the Negev to the IDF: dozens of fighters join the Geddes of the desert

צילום: גיל קרמר, דובר צה”ל

The recruiting battalion composed mostly of Bedouins is voluntary, and recently began
Increased motivation to raise a regiment. The company commander “operational stop upload

תאריך: 25/03/2014, 14:21    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

גיוסי מרץ 2014
בדואים בצה”ל

Today (Tuesday) recruited dozens of combatants for the Bedouin reconnaissance battalion, who specializes in desert warfare. The recruiting battalion is voluntary so it is not obvious which for those fresh recruits most of Bedouin members who choose to devote three years for combat service in the regiment.

From the Negev to the IDF: dozens of fighters join the Geddes of the desert

In a few months these recruits complete training, and operational employment in one of the most challenging sectors. “The regiment takes up a very significant sector at country”, said the IDF site call the company commander in the battalion’s operations, Captain Mahdi Abu alhiga. “The past several successful events, and has all the means to handle and stand. We are located in sector for many years and know it, and we do not stop to fighters and to raise the bar in order to maintain operational voltage. See the results on the ground “, elaborated from.

Alongside the operational challenges, the Bedouin warriors to face challenges that are not facing any soldier. “Military service puts them in a mental dilemma – another touch. to the growth. We are building the sense of belonging to the Israeli air force
And the State of Israel, “explained Captain Abu-alhiga. “Embedded recruiting more strongly and more day by day among the Bedouin population, and they feel like an integral part of Israeli society,” said.

In order to make it easier for the Bedouin Warrior garner special terms, such as
Half year side held two and a half years of service. The battalion also serve many troops completed their high school to help support the family, and therefore in
Education Department exists. Which improve the haileim the Hebrew, are preparing to complete matriculation and complete 12 years of schooling.

In recent years, increased motivation to recruit battalion, due to activities promoting recruitment. “We have lectures for students k-12, minorities to visit and another battalion,” said Captain Abu-alhiga. “It’s working.
We feel that the number of recruits is rising gradually along with the motivation. Activities bring people who thought one thing about the draft-change their minds, “he concluded.

Translated from Hebrew