From the pit to the surface: unpaved road of purpose

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

During operation “Cliff” attacked the air force jets hundreds of targets, ranging from terrorists to attack operations tunnels full of armaments. Each goal and a goal from a long trail of meticulous planning, the length between the months to ה”אלפא” banner

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Since the beginning of operation “Cliff”, the air force attacked nearly 1,500 targets throughout the Gaza Strip, planned months in advance and many stations in the IAF to perform. Before planes depart the field, testing the IAF personnel everything that could go wrong.

First stop: deep in the Earth.
24/7 operations of the IAF headquarters buzzing: Department listing intelligence
All security organs and process them to the assault squadrons.

In fact, the planning process occurred in a procedure, but its meaning is critical during emergencies.
The planning team in operations controls who and what arms attacks – according to information tested months and sometimes years in advance, taking into account each property: geographic location, surrounding threats and prevent injury to bystanders and innocent. Upon completion of the deep Earth work, planning to certification cycle sometimes to Prime. After the goal going into the Bank and when the time comes she transferred to Squadron.

From the pit to the surface: unpaved road of purpose

Graphics: air force

Second stop: ready to go
Miles away, air personnel in the squadron already dressed in suits and ready to go. “Receiving operational command carried out a definite actions chain, Captain, pilot in the squadron
“Hammers” underlying premises. “The event, the planning officer and translate the order from Headquarters to operational mission”.

The team the squadron mission Planner checks the optimal path, adjusting the required arms and the best comprehensive closures. The importance of preventing harm to bystanders are also very high in the planning process. From the intelligence and make sure navigation and infrastructure targets in close and planning teams are willing to do whatever it takes not to harm innocent people.

After the squadron’s planning is carried out in a flight briefing, ieads the structure ensures all pilots to learn the design and prepared for execution. The purpose of the brief, aircraft, weather, safety and incidents and responses.

From the pit to the surface: unpaved road of purpose

Once the squadron command, people start planning their flight paths and armament. Photo illustration: air force

Third: the language of technicians
The fly, a senior commander of the squadron’s technical division and his role now is to convert the language of flight personnel. “I know at any given moment what the condition of each plane and a plane,” explains Ethan רנ”ג, fly hammers Squadron”. “It is important to have a hand on the pulse and effective communication with all” officials.

The functioning of the technical division of the Squadron is critical to the success of the mission. “We need to be very quick and smart,” explains רנ”ג.
“If we don’t do the right phone at the right time doesn’t do anything. Ultimately a very finely tuned systems here and in real-time each knows exactly what to do. “

Fourth stop: hanging arm
In religion
Working quickly. “Upon receiving the order, we attack the planes, Capt. Dotan ordnance officer, of the religion” when calling the מ’חדר fly ‘ mixed feelings. Adrenaline floods you and realize that something’s Cookin’ “, says corporal Sabina סטלמוצ’נקו, century CE in religion hammers Squadron”.

Religion technicians begin to examine the plane and hang
The armament. “Every smallest screw is very critical and fly contains lots of details. There are many things to verify and check and everything in a very short time. “

From the pit to the surface: unpaved road of purpose

After the ground crews work, air crews to planes preparing for takeoff. Photo illustration: air force

Fifth station:.
The engine noise of the aircraft hard to miss, and which are the pilots and navigators.
Towards the goal of truth against the domination and control the target and make sure the area is clean.
And optimal conditions for performing the task. In a few minutes will force headquarters message: “accurate vulnerability. The planes returned safely.

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