Front command: test ready emergency shelters improved

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Competition held between the authorities tried 140 shelters by distinct criteria: “with great success over the years will only”

תאריך: 26/01/2014, 13:57    
מחבר: אלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל

פיקוד העורף

Emergency shelters are ready: the test held across the country in a contest that pre-made shelters the HFC value over the past year, found that most of them.
The competition tested about 140 shelters, according to a series of criteria under five categories.
The winner in each category are awarded prize money for investment in renovation and upgrading tuners. One of the major aaachriot, Karin avissar, told about the importance of competition in the long term. “Every year we see a very advanced, and authorities the benefit of competition.
It makes everyone better. “she stresses.

The competition took place for the third year in charge, and in cooperation with the Council for a beautiful Israel and the Defense Ministry. Like the year before an increase in the number of authorities.
The participating, and this year authorities took 21 more than last year.

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During the competition, a test of every Celtic settlement patterns, which measured several metrics: signs, sanitary conditions and emergency first-aid equipment. This year, the emphasis on handicapped accessibility to shelters, which provide municipalities that excelled in score
In the field.

The competition, to be held also in the coming year, proves herself and also expands the communal shelters (for residential buildings), where the aim is to reach about 1,000 and participating communities. Status distribution of prizes to students, where authorities took part of the home front command Chief Maj. Gen. Eyal Eisenberg and the Defense Ministry ardan, told Chief of competition for the purposes of the competition. “The competition raises awareness
And the desire of the authorities to prepare themselves better, and at the end of the day all tide authorities
Their score. This is a great success that I believe will only “returned with major avissar.

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