Gaza farmers exhibited for the first time in an International Conference in Israel

חקלאי פלסטיני בכנס. צילום: יהודה ארי גרוס, דובר צה”ל

The mtep sent 50 Palestinians to contemporary agriculture to market their products.
The move will help strengthen the economy in the awl and affect the agricultural environment in ways that will contribute also to the Gaza Strip

תאריך: 17/06/2013, 12:35    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

About 50 farmers came from the Gaza Strip last week to international agriculture exhibition held in Jaarbeurs in order to establish working relations and market their produce. For the first time presented the Palestinian farmers of their produce professional conference attended by farmers from all over the world, not only to learn but also to teach and pass on their know-how.

“The initiative came from the field, told IDF site archaeologist agriculture coordination Manager
URI from the Gaza Strip. “On the one hand, farmers and retailers on the other.
This is the third time that Palestinian farmers participate in the exhibition, and it seems that participation gives the fruits. “Buyers from around the world are exposed to Palestinian produce,” “principal km2 coordination we enable platform for agricultural ties. Israel is concerned that Gaza Strip shows are no longer in a State of distress and hunger,
But metric scale food not only for domestic but also overseas marketing.

The State of Israel has additional interests: since agriculture areas in the Gaza Strip adjacent to those of the Gaza Strip, also hygiene and maintaining standards and treating diseases, in order not to spread to their lands. “As far as farming in Gaza would be better it helps also in our territory,” said h.

“Each passing practice in front of the army, told IDF site General Manager for export” export, “said shell harvest. “We are looking for options to export and export from Gaza pepper. In addition, we export from Gaza mainly tomatoes and spices.

Translated from Hebrew