Gen. Aviv kochavi, Commander northern command

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A champion in champion replaced Yair Golan || The logs:
“The North has become more and more violent” islamisti || Chief of staff: “we face new old enemies.”

תאריך: 11/02/2014, 16:05    
מחבר: רתם קליגר, אתר צה”ל

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New Commander for northern command: Gen. Aviv kochavi was appointed today (Sunday) for the job instead of Champ Yair Golan. The ceremony took place at the command headquarters.
Beit hameiri Museum in SaFED, the Chief of the General staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz.

In his speech addressed to the Chief of the northern sector. “This is a sector
Complicated and volatile, “he explained. “Northern command is an area that requires constant alertness.
This is where the threats have changed and expanded, and today we are facing new old enemies.

Champion Golan served as OC Northern in the past three years, and faced with the changes in Syria and Lebanon. “During the threats and challenges were relatively moderate,” he said in a call to the site. “we are ready to surprise, and recreating in training.”

Most recently, he served as Division Champion stars. “The North is in the eye of the storm was happening in the Middle East and constitutes the essence of the processes and the entire region,” he said. “The example of a struggle between religions, and bones, and an expression of the area became more crumbled, more uncontrollable, more islamisti and more violent. All these ensure the continued instability in the arena.

The champion explained that “to the radical axis, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, and for many years to hurt the State of Israel, may join terrorist extremist ideology sunny, to change the current objectives and put the State of Israel as a target”.

According to him, in front of these threats is required to report to the defence mission, in an emergency, and war. “To concentrate full effort:, space, training, perfecting methods of combat and a variety of programs,” said the Commander. “We need to continue to prepare the troops to command, to a surprising response, unequivocally and with powerful results. To concentrate our work continuously. “

Translated from Hebrew