General winter is here: “operation against brutal enemy-snow”

לוחמים בחרמון המושלג. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

In the North the storm command on orders and exercises. Alpinist went to snow-blocked areas, and thermals and sunglasses were the fighters: “continue to conduct routine and operational initiatives.”

תאריך: 12/11/2013, 08:46    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

פיקוד הצפון
חורף 2013-2014
יחידת האלפיניסטים

With the first snow of the year, which came down last week, opened with a festive winter outposts Israel higher. Now, with the storm expected in the coming days, the logistics and engineering higher gear to allow border protection in any weather.
The northern command emphasize that snow is a challenge-we do everything to fulfill the operational procedure, “said Logistics Officer (קלאו”ג) of 36 Division in the Golan, Lieutenant Colonel Eran Lapid.

According to ogdati, logistics officer billets to snow began last year-since the snows melted. “We are working on it as preparing for operation with orders, arrange and exercises,” Lieutenant Colonel described the torch to find. “we have a cruel enemy, named snow, who tries to penetrate to every corner. Therefore, since we first winter sealing keenly all the grooves and cracks there stationed. “

General winter is here: “operation against brutal enemy-snow”

Operational conduct in sector varies due to the storm, when it comes to security. On patrols in places where snow piled belief exclusively alpinist, tools and custom capabilities. In addition, there are special make function open axes to ordinary traffic. “Mplasot and cats down for treatment in the summer, and winter they return to action,” said Lieutenant Colonel Lapid.

He added that “while we alpinist activities preserve the important ability of each of the commanders, and will carry out field activities”, said iizoma. “This is a critical part of protecting the border,” he explained.

The soldiers depart for ambushes and operational activity is essential, not iopkero to extreme cold. Special accessories line was divided between posts-including thermal clothing insulated, be wearing a blue tracksuit top and under clothes, shoes ‘ custom ‘ Canadian for walking in the snow, and gloves. “Even took care to every sunglasses.
That the snow brings exceptionally light, “said Lt. Lapid,” in addition, the tigbrano the frozen positions in industrial heat heat spreaders.

Division held winter medically. This year open two
Temporary facilities for the season, their staff will handle the injuries.
Furthermore, the forces available were warehouses called “wet” these battalions are waiting, in equipment, in case you get stuck in the company. “Of course we also stock clothes to dress in mufti sampling the many snow” will laughed, Lt. Col. torch “We have forgotten, and also for the”, he added with a smile.

According to Lt. Lapid, although expected in the northern Golan Heights days of heavy snowfall, and legislation although power outages won’t post insulator. “In addition to streaming delivery, make sure that the soldiers continue to come home,” continuously. It also noted that Mount Hermon Gospel of stop using bear coats didn’t bring echoes: “us already long time use only winter hrmunies

Lt. Lapid summed up preparations are successful. “Thanks for the offer, I’m sure everyone on Hanukkah,” said the IDF website, “levels, the cats and the array will work overtime to ensure regulatory activity in the sector. That’s Mount Hermon-advanced logistics. “

Translated from Hebrew