Get ready, Purple: first professions Olympics Givati

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Junior living units competed in many other sports. Makhoul said: “we have to be infantry ready for tomorrow, and it begins with professionalism of our people.”

תאריך: 10/11/2013, 16:02    
מחבר: דניאל חסון, אתר צה”ל

כושר קרבי

“Professionals” Olympics of Givati was held last week.
First regimental training base (a) at Ketziot, and included contests between the soldiers and commanders from the various Division and units of the lawyers, assign by and finally selected the winning unit is a weighted grade of agents is the largest. “The goal is to maintain the qualifications, training also regimental while operational employment and encourage professionalism,” Deputy Commander of a Givati Brigade, Maj. Guy BN. “This day also increases the motivation of the soldiers and their unit pride,” he added.

Get ready, Purple: first professions Olympics Givati

The Division’s soldiers practice hand-to-hand combat. Photo: IDF

Delegates were sent to the competition of all battalions of the Brigade and Sayeret Rimon. The competition.
Divided into two-to assign soldiers and commanders. The commanders were inspecting the track, after an effort and results were only 25 percent of the score. The soldiers were allocated according to their specialties: Sling, Sling, Leo, capers, tulle, Krav Maga etc. “We have prepared and trained soldiers to competition within the Regiment, told IDF Givati Commander גדס”ר site, Lieutenant Colonel Eli. “This is the best way to increase”, said. “The competition is giving the soldiers to be good ambition and professional,” noted Commander in Givati, Deputy Team Geddes Michael escape.

In came the Givati emphasized that commanders used example for soldiers in combat fitness level. “This is the end of the process of professionalization. Participating commanders also caused the soldiers to see handsome ש’נאה requires existing – commanders do what they expect from their apcodim, and example “, said Majid, the Lieutenant Colonel Sattar.

At the end of the day – after running, ranges, and lots of bandages, crawl struggle speaks – all participants met for graduation. At this point all winners were announced and the winners after the final weighting.

Sayeret Rimon picked up first, then comes the Geddes and 3rd Battalion Sabar. rated. “The first mission of Givati Brigade is to protect in Judea and Samaria,” said Brigade Commander, Colonel Ofer Vinter, referring to a sector which is the operational division. ” The second task is to prepare for war, no one knows.
Arrives. We have to be prepared for tomorrow and tomorrow starts professional people, “concluded.

Translated from Hebrew