Green-blue: environmental organizations reviewed the palmahim base green projects

חברי הארגונים הסביבתיים מקבלים סקירה מראש מנהלת הגנת הסביבה. צילום: דובר צה”ל

“Life and environment”, encompasses 130 organizations under root Explorer protects
Wildlife and the many unique projects invested in him: “good impression to the interest and impact.”

תאריך: 04/08/2014, 15:51    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

איכות הסביבה
צה”ל ירוק
חיל האוויר

“Life and environment” is an umbrella organization of about 130 environmental organizations from around the country. Last week representatives visited the palmahim air force base to
An example of the relationship that sustains the IDF with the environment. Palmahim base you can see intense operational activity, as well as saving the environment and awareness of the environment, “explained the head of environmental protection, Lt. Col. Eyal Ezra. “This helps to show that the IDF maintains two deposits that he received expensive disposal: people and the environment, and we must return exactly as you received them.

The base is located in an area of biodiversity, which exist apart from Botany and rich heritage and ancient sites. The Foundation manages to balance operational requirement, the potential for environmental damage, and the obligation to safeguard the environment. It does this successfully by several large projects working for several years at the base, which purpose protecting the surrounding fabric, as well as raising awareness to soldiers going on around them. For example, a special project “paths” spinner bike ride route around the base as dedicated application shbazart you can obtain information about each site. The “special”, in busteni in charge, came to preserve the diversity that exists in the environment, particularly along the blue ranges other parts disappear due to the acceleration.

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The Foundation performs social and environmental activity too, which combines special needs volunteers to assist in recycling electronic waste. “The army has a significant impact on the environmental situation in the country, and impressed the no-nonsense attitude and understanding he demonstrated about the influence,” said the former politician and Chairman of the Organization, Mr. Mossi Raz. “Particularly impressed by the fact that 15% of the energy in energy, renewable energy colony. The army has extensive knowledge on the environment, as well cooperation organization shmshithof and the army can benefit “

During the tour, members introduced a pilot implemented in Base: using sunlight to illuminate the garages squadrons. The new lighting system that is in use the light received from the Sun, increases power and use it to highlight the huge hangars! where the base’s helicopter parked. The base indicate that 85% of electricity was saved in a pilot hangars! as a result of this initiative. If the pilot succeed, the system is expected to be absorbed in other bases “The Director of environmental protection is expected to collaborate with other environmental organizations, like Israel’s Jewish National Fund, and many more”, said Lt. Col. Ezra. “I believe that such cooperation will give much resonance to save
The environment is done in Israel.

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