Gunner who saw his life pass before him-and used

רב”ט מתי ילובסקי. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Miracle of corporal when he was wounded by ilowski terrorists within Egypt, lost his friend in battle and lost consciousness due to resourcing: Commander “what keeps me alive.
She did not question why I was saved, but how do I deal “

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מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

נס חנוכה
חיל התותחנים
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He knew he was supposed to be in the synagogue then, pray with all your
The closing prayer “the stamp. But when his back into the desert,
And farm event a week before Yom Kippur. In his mind he is lying supine on the sand. Each hole in the ground marked the place of bullet.

Gunner who saw his life pass before him-and used

Dozens of prints in the ground when. “It’s still amazing. uncertainty I felt if I live or die,” he recalls. “As
So, I still remember this event every day, he’s a part of me. ”
Keep the number. “The days I feel worse physically, the place where the bullet exited my body. When asked why didn’t I answer cosmetic surgery scars are a souvenir. “

So he was lying on the sand, one has been killed and two have continued to shoot. Through the noise of the independent authorities, occasionally burgeon gunshot. It was a small voice, and keep him focused. “Stay with me, so when he asked his commander calmly, and made repeated flicks his finger – can’t forget them whenever.

Suddenly the fingers ceased and the official representative when suddenly blurredand appearance. “My Commander told me I started to swing, and he sought a way to keep me awake,” he explain the reason to stop tapping. Then he watched his commander immediately-solution solution that delivers pain throughout the body wave. “It took them two fingers and pushed inside, in my stomach,” he says with a smile and easy irony. “The pain kept me awake. Sir
Mine actually saved my life this way, “he adds.

My friend asked me if it’s a trick. I don’t “

The incident that killed cpl. Nathaniel diamonds (September 2012), author of
When the boot camp, started another Wednesday that week when Egypt border Argos was a group of infiltrators from Sudan to infiltrate Israel territory. When the fighters and artillery that were sent to occupy the first line there. “The force discovered them stood exposed in the Sun, and prevented them from entering. At one point they had to replace them, “explains when “Turn Friday morning. We went into the field, nine troops plus a symbol and an officer, “he says.

The soldiers were unloading the equipment, when gunshots. “I will never forget this moment. A friend was next to me asked me if this exercise. I replied, “he recalled. When his friends fell on gachonam and began shooting immediately before the three terrorists who hatgenbo them from behind. “Nathaniel was the closest and first comment. It is not even enough.
Wear a helmet.

After all, when minute noticed that one of the guerrillas stood.
“I had a good angle. So I stood up, while hiding behind trmochn (military water tank – s. p.), “he says on a piece of paper and draw the scenario,
Making increasingly complex. “I was half-squatting. I thought I was hidden, “he recalled.

Gunner who saw his life pass before him-and used

When cpl. Nathaniel diamonds with cpl. ilowski z l

Unfortunately, when the right side was visible and exposed to fire by the terrorists. Between the two shots he could shoot and the ball took the short period separator. “A few seconds after I saw the terrorist fall, I felt my stomach burns. I didn’t quite understand
What happened, I just realized I was hurt, “he describes. In retrospect the break when, by stunned surgeon at Soroka Hospital, the bullet took through deaths and left his advance. “I tore
The fringe and my tank top, heavenward and lay down. “

Until today, when has no idea who the soldiers killed the bomber force. “We are all shot, hard
To know. Many hurt, “he says. “But if I had to guess,” he adds, his voice quiet. “I mean it was Nathaniel,” he tastes his friend’s name slowly.
“He was the closest. React fast. “

When you remember those moments in stunning clarity. “It’s hard to hear shooting your friends, and knowing that you can’t do anything with that,” he says. “It’s hard to lay back and not knowing who he is wounded,” he added.

Five days recovering in the hospital-7

When you have an optimistic smile, that accompanies the story all along. It seems that the desire to find the best situation is when a pattern.
Also while waiting for surgery patients, found time to joke. “The doctor told me simply that they might have to amputate my kidney, lung, or other vital organ,” he laughs. “I told him if anything goes bad, I demand he wished success.”

After surgery, the shocked surgeon spoke with his mother when “He said he analyzes for many years and he’s never seen anything like this,” he repeats what he heard.
“Like God was holding the bullet in his hand and God gave him all my internal organs, leaving them unharmed.

After five days of recovery, released when the hospital in time to get to seven of Nathaniel. “When I got there they place a, hatczera inauguration because of Yom Kippur,” he describes. “I went right when they stood, and when they saw me, they just sat back,” he says sharply. “Occasionally I still watch the video from that day-45 minutes where I sat and told his parents that every detail of this incident. Still difficult to internalize that he is signing.

A story to tell?

Today, more than a year later, how can he processed what happened. “The biggest question burning in my stomach is ‘ why ‘. It was evident to me that reason is
Describes. After the service resumed when the arrangement, to school. “Now I understand what should motivate me in life is not why, but how do I deal” question, he argues. The deal becomes a reality, pursuant to the shazichronot every day. “It comes from him,” he explains. “It’s a part of me, for better or worse — and my desire to do it well and good,” he states flatly.

After the event returned when a fighter Regiment, but injury has lowered his profile, and prevented him from further military career her dreaming. “In the end I came to the force’s casualties section, where I was dealing with people who have similar IPS what I went through.”
He says and stresses that this role “importance”.

Recently, when engaged, and was lucky hear fact story already on the second date.
“She was in shock,” he laughs. “But I told her not to see me as someone who’s been
Something like that. But just as I, as when ilowski, “he says. In this kind of supplementary character hero, who in addition to the many virtues-he is also humble answer. “I think that a soldier would like me,” he says. “I am just a simple guy. “Amacha.

Translated from Hebrew