Head of computing: “cyberspace is dynamic and volatile.”

Maj. Gen. Uzi Moskowitz spoke at the annual Cyber, referring to hostile activities against Israel — a cyber attackers “always move faster than shields. We have to deal with a wide range of threats “

תאריך: 08/04/2014, 15:40    
מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אגף התקשוב


Head of ICT, Gen. Uzi moskovich, participated this morning (Tuesday) at the annual Cyber Institute for national security studies. During his speech at the event referred to threats facing the IDF and the State of Israel in cyberspace and cyber defense operations the IDF operation to thwart attacks on vital computer infrastructure.

“In fact, all our information is in cyberspace, under threat of attack.
It is not possible to separate the existing information technology and cyberspace, “Colonel Moskowitz noted, adding that” all this new dynamic in this vast and volatile “.

He said the advantage of the cyber defense lies in human resources.
“Human capital is the most important thing to us. We must harness the education and guide it so that we can develop our manpower infrastructure. Switches and systems are not operating the tool. The main tool, almost the only one – is the human capital “, said head of ICT.

Further recently Moskowitz champion between aerial combat and combat the Cyber dimension, in terms of the development areas. “That’s a comparison unavoidable.
If you look at the development of aerial combat during World War II for a second – can
See magoram almost didn’t exist, she has become a significant factor, “said head of it & said that” the pace of technological progress is not worth it we experience these days, so we can imagine the Cyber dimension where in a few decades.

“All the secrets stored in 35 years in computers”

Cyber space has become especially attractive, and thus expanded its influence also on various intelligence agencies worldwide. “Intelligence agencies are pursuing enemy secrets. During 35 years all the secrets stored in computers so that the Cyber dimension usage is clear, “Moskowitz champion.

He, like psychological warfare and social networking techniques, also in another dimension.
Cyberspace are trying to control people using controlling network. “If you look at the Arab spring – it was said that roll and distributed solely through the social network. So you control the people these days, “he clarified.

Another addressed to head of ICT development to cyber capabilities and political level. “If there is a nation that is trying to develop ballistic capability to ICBMs, for instance, infrastructure planning, support and money. In cyberspace, however, can climb the eighth or seventh place in the world to second or third place. Almost
And no matter what physical factors, and there is no need for human capital, “said Maj. Gen. Moskowitz.

In addition, head of ICT that distance in the Cyber dimension is not a factor. “The physical space between hostile sides in the Cyber dimension simply doesn’t matter,” he said.

“The distinction between the enemies is vague.”

In reality, the current systems are the main factor that controls water systems, energy resources and our transportation systems. “Our understanding is changing rapidly. The network has high significance and deeper than she had years ago. If the stock market goes down once a month, for example – will it affect affect credibility, “noted champion Moskowitz.

Because it’s boundless space burst operation, there is also a danger that the victim will not be aware of the attack. “Yesterday was carried out against the State of Israel is prepared to attack her, and she failed. The thing that worries us is that our enemies will penetrate into our network, be aware of your presence. To this day don’t know who is responsible for cyber attacks on Georgia and Estonia, for example, “the head of ICT.

Today there are several trends regarding cyberspace action worldwide, but by the end of the year may the situation to change completely. “The distinction between enemies and competitors is vague. If a potential competitor, making the enemy – he can’t come back and be a competitor, “said Maj. Gen. Moskowitz.

He said that internal network complex exists between various factors in the Cyber dimension,
Due to the relative ease of creating these relationships. “Cyber attackers always advance faster than shields in cyber,” added head of ICT, and stressed the importance of cooperation.
Operation with colleagues. “We should cooperate with commercial intelligence with security institutions, with private sector and security sector.

At the end of his remarks, highlighted the challenges facing in cyberspace.
“We have to deal with a wide range of threats — from denial of service attacks to threats that creatures crawling into our systems and waiting there,” noted. “This wide range, and we have to deal with loud threats as the threats between the attacks”,

Translated from Hebrew