Healthy mind: providing psychological assistance to medical corps soldiers who ב”צוק”

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Corps finds soldiers experienced shell shock or injured themselves and treat them in custom ways to intervene in these cases as soon as possible: “early treatment may prevent chronic morbidity.”

תאריך: 17/10/2014, 15:07    
מחבר: עומר שליט, אט”ל

Immediately after the end of operation “Cliff”, began a fact-finding mission medical corps soldiers who need psychological support following the operation, having experienced shell shock or damaged
Mentally ill. “It is important that soldiers and reserve personnel will know they are not alone, and we are prepared to handle all leads,” stresses Chief clinical medical corps, Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Rinat
A friend. “Even people who experience difficulty need to know we can help them.”
She said the major challenge facing the Navy is identifying the soldiers who need help.

The need for assistance in the wake of wars and frequent promotions, and therefore the force was prepared to provide
During operation “Cliff” followed. Soldiers who participated in the campaign may have shell shock, anxiety or other mental illness, it is important that treatment be given in good time.
“Our goal is to reach individually to as many people as possible who need mental help. after operation, explained Lieutenant Colonel a friend. “Early intervention can prevent chronic morbidity and allows more treatment options.

After you locate the soldier, medical corps will handle it in the best way, and in fact
Build targeted for treatment. “We have a range of treatments to help in situations of trauma exposure and turns we sew a suit for” livery “, said Lieutenant Colonel a friend.

Do I need therapy?

Symptoms that should turn on and red light can lead to treatment are diverse and varied. “Whoever came out fighting and mental distress knows it. It can be expressed in sleep disorders, nightmares, dreams and anxieties “, found Lieutenant Colonel. “Some people who suddenly discover sensitivity to things
In such a way that existed before. ” However, Lieutenant Colonel mark stressed that the friend is
Great distress and to return to the previous position after the end of hostilities.

Also during the operation worry mental health department to locate casualties that may require therapeutic intervention. Operation cliff “given help for many more.
Of people in relation to the previous operations.

Those interested in receiving treatment, the following contact options:
The incumbent will be handled by the team iachidtam organic or spatial clinic which belongs to iachidtam.
The permanent members are invited to contact the Institute held in 03-5258728/9

Translated from Hebrew