Heroic stories of IDF fighters come out into the light.

After five years of work produced in the new book “the Stinson with heroic tales of all their fighters awarded distinguished service, or Chief of staff Medal of appreciation the

תאריך: 06/05/2014, 16:00    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

The State of Israel marks its 60th birthday and six army and remember the heroes who acted exceptionally difficult conditions, and allowed the State to win wars and get to this day. Independence day, IDF published a new edition of the book includes the heroic stories of all their fighters awarded, רמטכ”ל or special mention of appreciation-the Chief of the highest estimate given in September from independence until today.
“The project
This just gets better and grows all the time. From this we can commemorate heroes and the State of Israel, we gave everything and do unthinkable things instead.
The most unexpected and most difficult battlefield. “, explained head and discipline regime now, Lt.-Col.
Oren Avraham.
The Ogden called in and Stinson contains total 1083. This is the second adortho after 1998 published the first volume containing all
The makers and the shadow, the establishment of the State until 1997. On the latest edition strove now for five years, during which they worked on collecting material and information
Linguists linguists worked, and added to several new topics such as an index to facilitate finding hundreds of heroes, and has a lot of work.
The Edition
The new stories of the recipients, and the army Distinguished Service Medal of appreciation
The second Lebanon war, and the attrition war heroes, war only provides
In 2003. “Since the previous edition added צל”שים scores and decorations. The new edition also reveals stories we didn’t know then, or stories that were still classified as he left the school earlier today to tell them or reveal new information “, said Lieutenant Colonel Avraham.
The honors program
The oldest of these 12 places immortalized in the book “makers” letter Israel hero known today awarded the-according to the decision of the Prime Minister and Defense Minister David Ben-Gurion, first for their heroism in the war of independence. Ben Gurion stated that out of dozens of stories of heroism and courage of the war, only 12 will return for the outstanding cetiinotam
Among the tribes of Israel-cycle. Medal of Valor, painted yellow, is the highest. Then rank Medal of courage (red), and then Medal of distinguished service (blue).
רמטכ”ל distinguished service is awarded for heroism that doesn’t come in rank for decoration, and is mentioned in three swords with olive leaves and olive color or background.
The book will be divided into IDF commanders of warrior and company also used to deliver a legacy of Valor on.
“While working on the project was very connected to do, and decided to increase”, said head of the regime and discipline. Consequently, it was decided that the basic training and training in the Israel Defense Forces ‘ Stinson sites constructed. “This was done in order to educate generations of warriors and Heroes ‘ stories about soldiers, said Lt. Col. Abraham.
Ghost stories
The moved segment as far as possible, in order to accommodate the training base stories. For example a warrior’s heroism story Golani Brigade, meant a coming. Three
The selected training to be a pilot to establish these heroic positions the Navy,
מ”פים, course, and in isalm.
From there the six women 1083. In addition, there are six people who received a letter of appreciation from Ribbon, can act
Utmost importance that doesn’t fit into one of the other haiturim. In 66 years of independence given צל”שי רמטכ”ל 214, 221, 602 decorations masterpiece, decorations and 40-heroism. The Yom Kippur war was the last war where possible Medal of Valor. This is
Also the war-400 soldiers received recognition. Her six war is.
Days after receiving 258 or distinguished service medal for combatants in the war. Since the end
The second Lebanon war and given only one decoration.
Applied with the greatest decorations it’s armor Corps, with decorations and 377 רמטכ”ל shadow.
Him is the infantry with decorations and shadow רמטכ”ל 273 and then Corps with 114. Live the Division is its paratroopers, were awarded distinguished service over the years and 114 רמטכ”ל, followed by the Golani Brigade with 97.
“The trial.
Accompanying this project than I see and do “, said Lieutenant Colonel Avraham. This phrase commonly used in her 1-building the future.   But the heroes mentioned ב’בעוז minds, many who had internalized this principle without officers course. 489 ornaments were given to officers of all decorations.

Translated from Hebrew