‘ Hit single or organizing terrorism in the territories are preparing to hijack attacks

התרגיל, לפני שבועיים. צילום: טל מנור, דובר צה”ל

The Samaria Brigade used script for kidnapping a soldier, fray of tens of percentage points increase in alerts about kidnapping attacks in sector: “response to kidnapping to be
Very quick “

תאריך: 03/02/2014, 14:02    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל


Although the trend of individual hazards terrorism in Judea, registered an increase in the number of alerts from the abduction events require more extensive network.
To prepare for such a scenario, the Samaria Brigade practiced last week of abducting a soldier toward a getaway house on the outskirts of Nablus. “The kidnapping incident remains a major event in the sector, growing, told senior IDF officer website.

Behind the kidnapping, was allegedly a terrorist organization. “We assume that behind this kidnapping attempt the high point, and power backup with shell and a getaway car, told IDF site Deputy Commander of the Division (סמח”ט), Lt. Col. Moshe Dangor. This is in contrast to the horgsha trend in 2013, characterized in the rise of the threat of the lone bomber. “he’s a rising one day and decided on his own to harm with terrorism,” IDF intelligence factor site.
“Kidnapping is a complicated force that requires less local link to fulfilled”, emphasizes the contrast between the threats.


‘ Hit single or organizing terrorism in the territories are preparing to hijack attacks

The intelligence factor added and stressed that the findings that reach the hands reveal a sharp rise in the number of alerts about intentions. “Immigration moves around tens of percent-than in the equivalent period last year,” he added.
“This is still the ה’יוקרתי attack” so analyzed.

“Throughout the last year figure attacks frequently. We practice, and almost every night there’s the Division, “said Lieutenant Colonel Dangor. “We understand that they’re trying to surprise us wherever we go, and respond accordingly,” he added.

‘ Hit single or organizing terrorism in the territories are preparing to hijack attacks

The intersection where the exercise was held, attended by נח”ל forces which perform operational employment along with Division and the police is one of several buttons in the sector near Kedumim. Just over a month and a half of shooting event at the JIT is another sore spot toward the car. Since the two suspects arrested in the case. In addition to throws Molotov cocktails that occur on daily basis on.

In response, the IDF does not leave these points without
A response. “In addition to sensitive points are in our consciousness all the time, and is always willing to jump power them. we are including increased operational activities based on fluent,” told “become a rule, the response of the kidnapping Division will be very quick. It is engraved deep in the consciousness of all control “, concluded.

Translated from Hebrew