Holiday fire: about artillery as a special service

תומ”ת בפעולה, ביום הכשירויות אתמול. צילום: תמר ינאי, מז”י

All arrays and units of artillery corps assembled on the base “Beta” on professional competitions. The Commander of GoC army headquarters: “the importance of artillery-wars and the future.”

תאריך: 12/05/2013, 14:42    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל


Hanukkah signed on artillery soldiers-scope service held
At the tothanot field (Beta), which were all in regular force systems and reserves in various professional competitions. Today opens in the force’s capabilities and the stations round the Corps competed in a variety of areas.

“It has great importance because of the professionalism shown where the fighters”, said in a conversation with the IDF website, Wing Commander Maj. Gen. Guy Tzur. “The artillery corps is
A major force among the warring forces. It has great importance in maintaining the security and significant part in the past and future of the IDF.

Create champion added in a conversation with the Gunners that “Although we have many challenges during calm and enterprises in the environment in which we live. This morning of professionalism and motivation.

The timing of the nomination is false, according to the main artillery officer, Brig. Gen. Roy Riftin, no natural fire that will force the nomination at.
Competency days designed to produce pride, identity hailit. This is an opportunity for each to display her professional ability, “he said in a conversation with the site.” it’s competitive with a lot of spirit to magnify individuals not just the fire. ” Indeed,
The day began participating in competitive running 6 km. “name the target of artillery combat better fitness and stamina are going,” he added.

Holiday fire: about artillery as a special service

“The battlefield of the future is complex, different than in the past to new directions,” said Brig. Gen. Riftin. “The artillery corps is deadly effective fire response to various types of threats, and why we are relevant on all fronts.”
For example, Brig. Gen. put Syria border Riftin which applies values expressed in tangible form in dealing with operational events. “You can look at the recent events in front of Syria. When the alert, laughed as the Gunners replaced all the Government sectors
And operational cost to the Golan Heights.

Indeed, with an extensive history of the Corps are facing forward, continue to progress and adapt themselves to the battlefield of the future. “We are moving systematically applies mainly on assisting the forces attacking force manipulated entirely thanks to the combination of the force”, said Brig. Gen. Riftin. To adapt to changes in the way we deal with everyday training hour.

It was the first time coming to an event considered for movement security service me and prepare military factor. “Only a small percentage of amtgiisim to know what you’re talking about before the draft, it is important to show them where they arrive,” said the IDF commander website
The strange people (tothanot school), Colonel Yuval Ben-Dov.

“We see the soldiers who come to us wanting to be Gunners.
A day like this raises motivation, “added Brigadier General prospective Riftin. In order to deepen the knowledge of the young soldiers and recruits the Navy first established a heritage tent where they can learn about the battle of the glorious heritage of the Corps.

Translated from Hebrew