Home front command exercise value destruction in Eilat

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Missile destruction site building, with additional key scenarios are trapped and not discouraged the rescuers. Because of the distance the soldiers rescue established locals took at route 12

תאריך: 02/05/2013, 11:10    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

Three days of sea, Sun and plenty of Orange – exercise of home front command conducted in Eilat last week. During the scanning and assessment exercise Eilat district map of shelters and rescue, having backed a rescue site and the mafia, which was destroyed in a controlled manner for training. “This is the first time that a battalion in practice and because of the distance of the Center we try to touch as many scenarios”, told IDF commander Eilat district site, Colonel ret. URI. “Eilat has tall buildings and smoke exercise situation hits a building and destroying the elevator, which causes trapped on the upper floors,” he explained. The trapped were rescued successfully using a crane at a height of 30 meters in practice Monday.

The rescue site in arisothio destruction of the structure was destroyed in a controlled manner for the exercise. Before the demolition that inside the puppets simulate trapped.
“The continuous extraction process work to trapped last”, said Colonel ret site, “the three companies worked 12-hour shifts.


Home front command exercise value destruction in Eilat

Geographical location, which makes it difficult for the quick arrival of aid from requires
Also close collaboration between Eilat district of the HFC to City Hall and emergency organizations
In the city. To enhance cooperation, actively participated in exercise also Eilat municipality, the police and the fire department. “Destruction site at the Fire Department used ups and start rescue of trapped visible, and d were coming to the area and evacuating the wounded,” said Colonel ret. “When the fire rescue battalion passed the stick to the battalion, and gave an explanation on the site and how many casualties there. Parallel observations in company operating four points around the city, aiming to boost the falling missile site and the troops to the scene. The company works with the police and transmits the data to the Headquarters district.
The exercise will examine the factors functioning in either a State of chemical rocket.

According to the Commander of the District of Eilat, there is high-level cooperation between the district authorities. “Amazing collaboration which is also expressed in the last event, firing rockets.
About two weeks ago, he said. “While this event who jumps first emergency organizations, and update the EA is and Vice Commander living in Eilat and UPS immediately. Because we mapped from the soldiers who live in Eilat and both kind of
Local unit. After the Vice President come and see him, they toss and is called the local unit we start to deal with the rescue.
This unit has a lesson at route 12, and the idea is that the HFC is able to reach the site in 20 minutes.

Home front command exercise value destruction in Eilat

The exercise was designed during the past six months, and during this year the activities approved during emergencies. “Our goal is to bring the status event while they know what to do,” explained Colonel ret. “We want the civil emergency circumstances
Don’t become a burden but can help in operating and saving lives. “

Translated from Hebrew