How do I operate the casualties in ooatssap age and Facebook?

The officials discussed the question of reliable array of reporting casualties and voids in the technology and media age. אכ”א head:” reliability WINS speed – that we have an enormous responsibility. “

תאריך: 27/02/2014, 11:04    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

ראש אכ”א
הרבנות הצבאית

The Manager and staff of officers convened recently in Latrun for an event
A special heritage, during which deals with complex issues and 40 years after the Yom Kippur war – which raised the critical need. “We are here to learn and to raise the professionalism of the array when the array is significant and sensitive when it comes to contact with who lost his dear to him,” said head of personnel, major General Ali love the site. “it is important to note the significance of the alignment and long made way in all areas of its activity since its inception,” she added.

The Chief Military Rabbi (revch), Brigadier General Rabbi Rafi Peretz; Director and officers of cities (רמנה”ק), Colonel Moore’s beautiful; And head of families and commemoration in the Defense Ministry, Arye
Mualem participated in a Panel, which dealt with various issues that were raised during the war, how treated before, and how it influenced formation theory.

How do I operate the casualties in ooatssap age and Facebook?

Another sensitive issue discussed at the Conference was the issue. At the same time, the revch no religious dilemma is solved during the Panel, and answer whether to notify the family of my dear lost in disaster after the Sabbath. “The situation today when news travels fast and everything ran-the message must pass the right people responsibly and sensitively.
E. the message can harm human life, “argued, noting that in his opinion it is a duty of the IDF
To do so.

The subject of the communication, and the need for a quick message for families in this technological age is another topic that we discussed. “Before there was definitive, and know which door to knock team sent informants. We race in front of the media, in this age of Facebook and ooatssap, Greece that our message-sensitivity while we weren’t giving up on the course, “Colonel Moore stressed.

Even a love topic relates to load it. “We will do everything to ensure reliability. There is competition between fidelity, but reliability WINS. that’s our responsibility. The competition today in front of the press, but come in and knock on the door only when we are confident what we represent “.

The applications and social networks not only has the company, but also people’s army. Recently banned information security Department (owe) UM by using the application “oatssap” messages of operational needs and to deliver information that is unclassified.

The legitimate victims to encourage recruitment.

The reality in which employees of the soldiers and officers of different cities until very reality of 40 years ago. “Today there are no wars. No war is nothing like what happened during the Yom Kippur war “, said Major General (Res.) Doron Sheffer, who served as Chief
אכ”א at the end of the 1990s and as a pilot in the war. “We need to implement the conclusions of the war.
Into the latest debate and changes in reality, even in this budget and in a situation where
The front significant threat “, the head of the casualties and the officers. “We
Must conform to time, read the threats all the time, and realize that all the scenarios will be threatened–in addition to an ongoing threat within “, added Mayor אכ”א.

How do I operate the casualties in ooatssap age and Facebook?

“What we have to say legitimate to prospective IDF.”? This realisation the legitimacy acquired the IDF does everything to stand alongside the soldier in case something happens. This array is appointed the legitimacy of this army to continue to act, “noted champion of love.
“We can’t not be professionals. From all over the world come to
Learn about the professionalism and the tools developed to work the best.
The experience and knowledge of those bought in a very blood “, clarified.

The role of city officers, officers and men of the reserves of the array is not simple and it is pain. “The resource sector is human resources. These.
You selected the incomparable mission, “said Colonel Moore to present. “The people here chose to touch where it hurts, challenging and complicated. To get into the wound, not from outside, but out of a desire to be part of family pain or hurt. But we’re not. We deliver a Mitzvah, “head talk אכ”א.


Translated from Hebrew