How made the trip unit for extracting hostages out of jail?

התרגיל, החודש. צילום: מתן פאר, במחנה.

Preparation Commission of “Kfir” going through changes to enhance the quality of officers. As part of that exercise was conducted on the prison complex “NAFTA” absolute surprise: “commanding Kfir class can’t go to market.”

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מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

קורס קצינים

A bus full of the officer cadets of the Kfir Brigade travels the dark road in the direction of mitzpe Ramon. The old cadets heads watch against the Windows, after a long day of navigation. Who has not lost in sleep, with anticipation towards the unit Cap night promised to them by the Commander. The trip promised them this time, and the education in all the coordination required across the Board.
But the expectations are going to be proven.

The bus suddenly turns into the parking lot of Nafha prison, while cadets Michael bemused glance. After a few seconds they get off the bus and stand at plugatit, then explained to them the situation: between three and ten terrorists infiltrated and are holding guards hostage. As the military to jail the moment they get ready quickly, jail break and eliminate the terrorists. Or, in simpler words: surprise, othecltam.

“It never ends-you must be ready for”

The truth is that bicycle trip has never been. It is also the world.
Not compatible with the site’s management in mitzpe Ramon-who spoke in charge of education on the phone was the wife of the Commander, Maj. NIR zigdon, which helped him to build the plot.
The cover story is designed to cover the planned exercise in prison, held this month in order to test the ability of the officer cadets to deal with unplanned scenario. “One of the things that reviewers in which 1 is the ability to cope with unplanned, that” ה”סוויץ need to do to become the leading force commander in a dangerous area of four minutes,” explained Maj. Jason. “The message of the exercise is that it never ends, and even if you think you’re done, you must be prepared for. You can check upcoming physical fitness and intelligence, but this exercise is designed to test mental strength. ” Because
The importance of the element of surprise, of the leak was the cancellation of the exercise. Therefore, a carefully guarded secret until the last minute and misleading hints thrown in.

How made the trip unit for extracting hostages out of jail?

Outside the prison about th ‘ plugatit of the preparation for the exam, and the faces of the cadets can see the process over a tired soldier determined Commander. The sleepiness becomes stunned, shocked and disappointed the disappointment easier to smile and lips. The hike and Campfire forgotten immediately. The company is divided into teams, when cadets around the team leader role. All connected ל”שדכן” schools service
The guard, which recognizes the close and will serve as a guide.

The environment in which the exercise was conducted was not selected randomly.
Nafha prison is detention facility designated to security prisoners, the vast majority with “blood on their hands”, and prisoners convicted in murder aibrot and trade
Drugs. In case of emergency, security help in restoring order to the military forces prison camps.
Near-by 1. To prevent such a case during the exercise, all the prisoners to their cells before the exercise, while the fighters entered the compound without weapons cartridges. “The prison has many security prisoners from the West Bank,” explains major e. “Some of them were arrested by fighters who are now preparing for the exam, so there was some kind of closure.”

40 out of 70

The cadets got on each other when they ran the jail, and break into the Hall – there, according to estimates, hiding one of the guerrillas.
Cost “is indeed in luminous yellow vest only, but that doesn’t mean he makes life easier for the cadets. While breaking into the prison, who is not careful enough, “protester falls wounded and forced to stop participating in a burglary and act as injured.

Protected glass crosses the Hall divided lengthwise, long benches flanked sides and telephones used by the prisoners to talk to their visitors. The cadets.
Crossing the Hall quickly into space it should sit. The ntzakot commands to the air from mixing with the sound of the shoes living on the concrete floor.
In a small room behind the visits cost detected “, and during the struggle to capture out once the lights in the Hall. The takeover cost continues in almost darkness.
Absolute. After a few minutes of “purity” and outgoing visits Hall Cadet team.
Them out as in the yellow vest. Meanwhile, prison services, either purified Raymond and captured “terrorist” added outside the facility.

On the wide concrete hallway entrance to a prison on a stretcher lying some five ש”נפצעו fighters” during the exercise. A team of who participates in exercise also gives similar treatment to the apparent casualties.  “The exercise was a” smile light icon the gurneys Seddon “We do an exercise planned, but not expected.
To jail. Use of techniques here, they are our specialty Division.

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The commanders, pleased that no secret was exposed and failed exercise, summarized the exercise as a success for the cadets. “They were in complete shock, but straight came on and got the thing,” says acting in preparation, second lieutenant aviran. “This is the first time you do this exercise, which helps them reach for it 1 ready. I believe that prepares them well for most of the course, so they know how to respond and be less stressed “.

According to Maj. Jason Kfir Brigade, in recent years the emphasis on preparation for the Cadet leadership and achievements of the Division in which 1. Meticulous preparation, during which representatives to go to 40 officers course cadets out of 70, considered one of the most significant events. This year, she added, along with a sudden, even a week extra interview course navigation designed to assist cadets must create a positive first impression. In addition, many-preparation educational content from the understanding that fighting Division to be aggressive but also morally.

Meanwhile, it seems that the preparation for the exam of the Kfir Brigade indeed meets the goals it sets for itself, when the latter was an outstanding Cadet battalion vine from Division. Preparation takes its name too long: the current preparation joined warriors from “sting” and Ma.
“The purpose of this preparation to prepare the following from the Division,” he said. “Mm-disgusting, he should be able to lead the warriors to a decision.
It should be professional, with courage my command At the end who leads the Warriors, and if it would be that all Division than be like that. “

Translated from Hebrew