How the IDF missile deal with the heart of Tel Aviv?

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This scenario used functional continuity unit of hakirya, responsible for giving answers to various extreme scenarios in emergency “should remain constantly alert and ready,”

תאריך: 28/10/2014, 11:23    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

What if missiles fall in the heart of Tel Aviv, and in-town campus Exactly this scenario used functional continuity unit (יר”ת), emergency unit Sayeret Matkal base last week. The exercise is the first workout since unit was called to face in cliff “-a truth of the first unit.
The unit provides solutions for various extreme scenarios during emergencies, according to relevant threats all periods “, Commander of the unit, Lt. Col. (Res.) AVI Solomon, to the site.

The unit was established in the year 2012, following the lessons of operation “pillar”, and consists of
Reserve personnel in various fields. The reserves include rescue experts
Trapped, engineers, doctors, medics, אב”כ, psychology experts specializing in supporting disaster victims etc.

How the IDF missile deal with the heart of Tel Aviv?

The unit is prepared to accommodate emergency event from beginning to end, on all levels.
The unit specializes in handling casualties and rescue trapped, and treatment against conventional and conventional missile attack, “the Commander of the unit. This expertise could be seen training conducted, it coped with a destructive forces consists of a number of action scenes.

The same scenario practice. for Tel Aviv turned into real operation “Cliff”.
During the operation many alarms sounded throughout the city and the campus, we continue to work under fire. “A lot of lessons we learned from this operation, and we apply them,” said Lt.-Col. (Res.) Solomon. “We’re learning all the time and improve our abilities to achieve maximum utilization of the force.

How the IDF missile deal with the heart of Tel Aviv?

Accordingly, the only activity is important in the eyes of the people with the time, and often only their training costs. “The emergency is a topic that gets more and more weight and importance as time passes”, said Commander of the unit. “We are always understanding and recognition that we need to remain on alert, and ready. Only sharpened the last “, concluded.

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