How to build a gunnery Commander?

צילום: דובר צה”ל

IDF special project site: how look weeks of various troops, plus tips for recruits. Today: IDF site reporter accompanied to the first steps of the artillery corps commanders.

תאריך: 17/03/2014, 10:10    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

זרוע היבשה
גיוסי מרץ 2014

It is early morning, the Sun begins to rise above the base of shivta
In the South and the rest of the night is fading gradually. The apprentice of artillery corps cities about 32 hours and some are tired of the long night of navigation-fall asleep on the fence waiting for the examiner. It seems that the final moments of calm before
Fateful quiz to be determined whether they become commanders. For 36 hours the students are tested in a variety of areas: navigation, logo, Krav Maga, and theoretical tests
And more. The IDF was peering site building of artillery commanders.

How to build a gunnery Commander?

Through the wall

In 8 a.m. campers, previously almost sleepy look refills “God”. They stand on the starting line ready and vigilant, when everyone is threatening wall – 1.80 meters above them they jump successfully, followed by many other obstacles that stand between them and the finish line. They prepared for this moment for almost 14 weeks, where it’s been a challenging course designed to prepare the teams for the artillery corps.

How to build a gunnery Commander?

Future artillery commanders come from almost any force values; The rocket system,
Pinpoint and meteorology. If in the past when they spoke about the artillery was it guns – there are a variety of options, from Sky racer to the preparation.

Therefore, this course there are five trends that train officers for the different professions of the future. “Most of the targeted area, course concerned to highlight the command battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Zahi Goldring. “It’s a very challenging course. We work a lot on the mental side, uncertainty and bounces, “he added. For the three course accents are professional and robust command.


How to build a gunnery Commander?

The word “strength” is repeated again, this time from campers while they await within the shooting after an effort – the last physical day arduous. Campers sweaty and tired after running into the area at the end of a chapter, contact battle because they are satisfied with the results. “Working with us a lot of strength,” says cpl. ailei NIR, originally from “reshef” as he takes a SIP of water. “As a commander you have to be strong and stick to the task, no matter what,” he clarifies.

You may raise a defense cadets corporal NIR March 2014 known as “Chief” as the goal he set for himself is to reach over rookies. According to him, there are two things important to introduce these new recruits – is important to protect the country and the second – it’s the artillery corps.

“The teams are very important in fighting kills”

When the soldiers stopped a moment to record the endless moments, quickly.
One of the campers that he looked better on every Sunday and moved him to a white night navigation. This is hardly the first time for the course they are dirty from sojourn. In fact, most of the course they took in such conditions.
“It’s a challenge to be in the area,” admits, “cpl. but in retrospect is fun”.
Prolonged stay on the ground is nothing new of course, when the current rule course Saturday.
In the field of תרסו”ל structure (drill battery).

How to build a gunnery Commander?

The students were given a glimpse of activity on the ground unexpectedly, when during the course okapzzo to cut the West Bank in order to replace one of the cohorts. “During the course.
Rather than deal with lives that only opportunity to experience the artillery “, says Lieutenant Colonel Goldring and added that” most of the crashes were not in previous operations, and it was the first time I experienced the Judea and Samaria. “

The Gunners will be there too in the next war, and their role will be critical. “The war they will have to deal with decision making. We try to simulate them coping mentally as controls, and prepare their personal communicative situation, “Lt.-Col.
Goldring. “The teams are very important screw. A weak team Commander won’t. We deal in their preparation of the understanding they are a very important factor in the next war, “he concludes.

Translated from Hebrew