How to design school contributed to operational activities behind enemy lines?

מקפלות המצנחים במהלך הקורס ב”שנקר”. צילום: זרוע היבשה

Repair of parachutes first professional course past revolved. The new capabilities will prevent the need for revisions and so outside companies improve operational response time and lead to significant monetary savings

תאריך: 25/02/2014, 14:45    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

זרוע היבשה

Behind tens of thousands of military personnel to wear the parachute wings, thousands of paratroopers landing safely every year and mtzniachim critical equipment shoots to the battlefield, the Corrections Department parachutes, or what the seller – workshop. Recently, finished the course first class professional sewing revolved, the school of engineering and design.

The course lasted five weeks, during which the professional classes in which women learn sewing accurate and faster changing parachutes and parts reached a level of service that enables them to make part of a parachute themselves. “All the time it takes to repair parachutes, told IDF site mkaplot unit commander, Maj. Assaf Pearl. “Parachutes are gaining in Commons and easily ruptured.

In fact, so far there was no formal military training for seamstresses, and training was carried out. “Now for the first time we taught them end to end, from the base up to the level of a parachute in a regulated,” said Maj. Pearl. Lessons, learned the basics of working with a sewing machine, working with fabrics, parachutes and making stitches and patches. “They really enjoyed this experience, lessons learned. Sewing is very special. Although they sewed before, in class they found there and important rules to their work, “he added.

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Citizens can take longer to months of treatment, and can cost thousands of dollars. Upon completion of the course the trained seamstresses to repair parachutes at the highest level, thus the unit can avoid sending the defective parachutes to citizens and thus beyond the budgetary savings, also will be significant savings – 30 minutes be corrected and chute for

“The cost is significantly lower,” claimed Maj. Pearl. “There are also external patch large expenses for trucking. Time to take three or four months to correct a parachute and today it takes barely a week. This should reduce the time of operational significance. With savings of tens of thousands of dollars, it’s no wonder biachida to the database, and pass through each new cycle of soldiering.

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