Hundreds of soldiers from 37 countries completed a Hebrew school protested Alon

צילום: דובר צה”ל

About 60% of soldiers to combat positions in creeps. education and youth Officer Chief: “significant contribution with great value to IDF and the State of Israel.”

תאריך: 13/11/2013, 09:48    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

Cries of joy and excitement in a variety of languages were heard this week (two) at the base of oak, when 619 Hebrew course graduates and the preparatory course to hoist the berets field, just before leaving to continue their service in a variety of roles in the IDF “footie is a single army. The biggest distinction is when militiamen, army serving citizens of the State of Israel from most sectors, the testimony and the populations that make up the mosaic of society in the State of Israel, “he said at the ceremony the youth and education officer (קח”ר), Brigadier General Avner Paz-cliff. “IDF army concept to combine military service with unique populations significantly, helping them at the beginning and during service can the jury and ensure better service,” he added.

Hundreds of soldiers from 37 countries completed a Hebrew school protested Alon

At a time when the recruitment rate among men and women, these youngsters, who came from 37 countries worldwide are in a positive light. “Those who come here, the majority of soldiers in the country, they have a huge motivation,” said קח”ר to the site.” they start from a low base, with difficulty in Hebrew — and here they come forward, and lead. Many students wherever they come, “said.

About two-thirds of the young warriors of the future shtvac of combat, including many youngsters they Ethiopian. “I’m proud of great scope which recruits to combat fighting
The Ethiopian “, specify קח”ר in the call to the IDF website, company commander Lieutenant Jonathan sauia, who began his military service four years ago in the company it is today shared control in front of the soldiers and their families. “Like I stood nervous about extending the orders. I’m proud of the significant service chose as a fighter, “he said.

Hundreds of soldiers from 37 countries completed a Hebrew school protested Alon

Later in the ceremony created finishers “with” Israel and representatives declared ”
Me another country “played in 16 languages. Education and youth officer in the Base Commander by Lt. Col. Raz Karne reviewed the soldiers and congratulated them.

The ritual lock-in general tone. “I’m getting out of here tonight and reinforced a feeling that there is great value in the effort we are doing here, in other bases overseas and the IDF, with an investment of integrating all populations”, stating “I feel קח”ר
A significant contribution and the value is. At the end of the day the State of Israel leaves very engaged what happens here, and that’s because the commanders and the soldiers ‘ motivation, “concluded.

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