IDF also used smart: Army medical call for soldiers to be tested

קרם הגנה וכובע – בפקודה. צילום אילוסטרציה

Awareness week to sun damage and skin cancer clinics are days focused to perform tests for early detection of skin cancer. Medical Corps: “damage prevention awareness should exist throughout the military service”

תאריך: 28/05/2013, 17:27    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

Awareness week to sun damage and skin cancer “– also in the IDF: first weekend held army medical days focused to perform tests for early detection of
Skin cancer. The Army decided to take an active part in the awareness week Cancer Association, during which emphasis to sun damage that may be caused during military service. Medical Corps indicate that over the years there is a trend towards an increase in the number of permanent members and soldiers visiting the clinics to check skin moles.

Sunny Israel State ranked countries bio skin cancer incidence is high,
And many soldiers, whether in a combat role or in rear positions, spending hours
Including sun exposure, and sometimes are not aware of any damage. “People usually don’t link between sun exposure and skin damage, and the damage is visible only many years later,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Joseph yerushalmi, head of dentistry in. “damage prevention awareness should exist throughout the u.s. military service and determined”.

The doctor recommends not to save means: “it’s a good idea to travel with a CAP if you can roll up your sleeves to avoid exposing his forearms, and generally avoid sun exposure during the hottest,” explained. “Can also refer to the only doctor for sunscreen.
These recommendations is correct when it comes to soldiers who are in risk group: fair skin, moles, including sunburn in the past, bright eyes and a family history of skin cancer.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to many douche damages is the development of skin cancer. It is important to remember that Sun damage is not limited to the skin. For example the mode called “cataract”, which may develop in adulthood and turbidity in the lens of the eye that requires surgical treatment. Important to know-discovery of skin cancer in the early stages of almost 100% probability leads to healing.

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