IDF delegations ‘ cooperation with hospitals in disaster areas

משלחת צה”ל לפיליפינים, צילום: דובר צה”ל

The IDF decided that humanitarian groups who ioshgero abroad will collaborate more closely with hospitals in the disaster zone for life saving

תאריך: 14/01/2014, 17:13    
מחבר: אלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל

Changes to procedures and rescue missions of humanitarian aid of the IDF: published conclusions produced a delegation to the Philippines that finished its activities more than a month ago, it was decided that henceforth, as shidersh to help launch the world’s first disaster relief expedition which tzzoide for five days, during which updated the commanders on first reports from the field.

It also decided that before the arrival of the delegation, Shintaro sword in local social networks in disaster areas, to obtain an initial indication of the needs that exist.

These conclusions ontzgo today (Tuesday) at 3 opened today in IPRED hotel “Hilton”
In Tel Aviv, the Panel presentations on “identifying needs in a disaster zone.” The changes made in the light of the conclusions of the delegation in the Philippines and in the conclusions of the delegation
Rescue in Haiti in 2010.

These presentations present representatives on behalf of the Chief Medical Officer and medical command Commander
HomeFront, which took part in the expedition to the Philippines, discussed the HFC operations and medical corps in the Philippines through the action, focusing on the early rescue operations: the initial mission and 96 hours of IDF operations in the area. Reviewed the workings and presented conclusions which came in and.

Another change in the Philippines delegation and affect future expeditions is the collaboration with the local medical system. While the appointment to Haiti medical mission 2010
IDF’s system operating in parallel local medicine and nursed wounded, mostly at this expedition which ended two months ago is the IDF forces operated in collaboration with the local medical system thus came to handle patients and lead a more meaningful assistance to the local population.

Translated from Hebrew