IDF forces are continuing operations in awl; “the look”

פעילות מבצעית בתוך מנהרת טרור. צילום: דובר צה”ל

So far been attacked during the operation as terrorist targets -4,635 • motorcycles within the IDF uncovered terrorist tunnels designed to sunny terrorists to kidnap and quick escape • דו”ץ:” operating on both sides of the fence. “

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מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

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IDF forces are continuing operations in awl; “the look”

The overland campaign during operation “Cliff”, which was released by the IDF against the backdrop of the rocket to the South. The ground operation in the Gaza Strip on locate, map and destroying terror tunnels built by the terrorist organization Hamas for weapons smuggling and kidnapping civilians and soldiers. So far destroyed about half of the intent of the enemy tunnels. Meanwhile, efforts continue to prevent the terrorist infrastructures in the Gaza Strip by land forces and air force attacks. Since the operation got about -4,635 goals.

For further activities in the framework of “operation cliff” – minute by minute, a goal after goal.

IDF forces are continuing operations in awl; “the look”

21. the IDF spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Motti these comments, interviewed the news today, saying that the IDF conducted again for the duration of operation “Cliff”. “We are continuing operations against the tunnels, and have most of the ones we know about. We are close to accomplishing this goal, and this is a very significant achievement, “he said.

He said that some of the forces out of the Gaza Strip to set up.
For the duration of the assignment, subject to status assessment to be held at the end of the activity against the tunnels.
“If we have to keep the pick activity. We are prepared for all possibilities, coordinated with the political Echelon and are in contact with on a daily basis. There is a thread between the political guidelines to what military shows, and we are, “said Brig. Gen. these comments.

The IDF spokesperson referred to continue fighting against the Hamas terrorist organization that is trying to maximize his gains. The IDF holds achievement against the goals since the start of the operation are significant, and we are continuing the operation responsibly. We are preparing to defend the South, and we’re not going back.
We examine the seam underneath tunnels to ensure that we complete the first handy and continue from there. “

Southern command worked for months in preparation for operation “Cliff”, all the units in the field have operative programs.
“All units have concrete operational plans for further action if need be done. The soldiers settled in and take care of themselves, no operational voltage falls and end forces on the other side of the fence. If you need to work-work “, תצה”ל spokesperson.

Efforts to restore peace and security to the population of South continue. “There is a large part of the South who are with us here. The IDF is not going anywhere, and we’re going to get.  We are located on both sides of the fence, engaged in operational activities and as soon as we can say “affirmative”, said Brigadier General will notify these comments.

In the last two weeks, he can see the concentration of efforts targeted to civil service. “Almost most its only fire places.

We operate across international organizations and educational institutions or to separate. We have no interest in compromise or institutions and any time we see this pattern. We emphasize we have no interest in harming civilians and Egypt about every citizen being injured, “the spokesman explained.” trying to shoot a civilian environment requires to caution — we do, “he added. The IDF operating continuously analyzing videos and photographs that prove that Hamas shooting Shifa hospital and other civilian centers.

Referring to the announcement of Goldin, Deputy of citrus note, the IDF spokesperson stated that “he hit probably clashes. The nature of this kind of event, we take great sensitivity against the family. Until we understand what happened-we worked according to what we understand. The Chief Military Rabbi analyzed the amtzas and ruled the decision and went with אכ”א to the family home.

Division 49
The school operates from the beginning of operation “Cliff”. The serve the best soldiers from the divisions alive, which meant in command throughout the operation, the Brigade participated in the battles for massages and more complex activities in the region. Throughout the operation, the Division was responsible for the killing of 160 bombers, unveiled 20 shafts, destroyed three tunnels and weaponry, as well as communications infrastructure damaged.

On Monday evening, 28.7 Division, which worked in Karni, the terrorists coming out of tunnel opened in the country. During the battle,
Killed one bomber force and five fighters were killed.

While working to neutralize adopted the tunnel discovered numerous weapons, including rockets r p ג׳י, mortar, build, launch and Robbie קלצ׳ניקוב. Moreover, the tunnel discovered three motorcycles ready for movement and headed to the tunnel, Israel, designed for use during a composite attack Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip. After clearing the tunnel and disarm it, understood that the intention of the terrorists was to attack lethal for civilians and soldiers formed a barrier between the body and the residents.


8:07 pm-far morning passed through Kerem Shalom 186 trucks with food and water, as well as monetary supplies such as medical equipment, medicines, blood, water tanks, generators for hospitals and water-pumping equipment and clothing. By data of Unit Coordinator of government activities in the territories (Hanson). Additionally, 71000 synagogue had gallons of gasoline, 180,000 liters of diesel for transport-87.8 tons of gas.

The Erez crossing was coordinated entry of 24 patients and escorts
Medical treatment in hospitals in Israel and Judea, and 15 injured people were taken to hospitals after initial treatment and emergency field hospital set up in Erez. Also, in the last 24 hours are fixed four power lines on the Israeli side and the Palestinian people sponsored by the Coordinator of government activities in the territories, Israel Electric Corp. and foreign aid officials.

3:53 pm-force of paratroopers spotted years ago four terrorists who were preparing to launch an anti-tank in Gaza. Armored force opened fire shells at the House. The building collapsed and terrorists killed.

Givati Brigade Force revealed a while ago about 150 mortar shells and another tunnel shaft. While activities for exposing tunnels in the early afternoon hours, the Givati Brigade Force in conjunction with Armored Division forces identified a number of terrorists coming out of a tunnel shaft. The forces carried out firing squad who ran into the House. More shooting power committed toward the House from which killed three terrorists. Time
Thereafter, blown by the tunnel.

From early morning Israeli aircraft struck eight terrorists, identified. Midnight IDF attacked over 40 terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip.

9. the power of the Givati Brigade in conjunction with armored force identified a short time ago arms shooting at him out of the House. The force returned fire. The fugitive was identified and collected by vehicles being attacked by Israeli aircraft. Damage is detected.

56. the IDF spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Motti these comments, the IDF operations in the Gaza Strip during operation “Cliff”, noting that the IDF meets the objectives which were placed by the political echelon.
“We made a very big task and very successful against the tunnels. We have a whole section a significant threat, “said. “We cannot guarantee 100 percent of effort, but we’re holding
In the tunnels we knew them and today we continue their destruction. “

According to these comments, Brigadier General during the operation, the IDF hit
Hundreds of terrorists and terrorism, and led to significant damage. However, he added that
The IDF is with residents of South continue to protect them. “The IDF will not leave the South, he found there and forces protect residents,” he said. “Hamas did not plan and estimated that for weeks about IDF hurt either. This achievement is a lot that Hamas planned and invested a lot of resources and trained forces to undermine the State.
Israel through these tunnels. This is a significant achievement for villagers, “explained
Adding that “incremental achievement over time, see the achievement against what happened against tunnels
The rocket threat.  There is a clear outcome, we stay around the Gaza Strip and have put
The operation “.

5:10-published loviotiham times of IDF officers who were killed on Thursday during combat operations in the Gaza Strip border in which performed steep-shooting toward forces in Israel territory:
The funeral of the IDF officer, Captain Omri Tal, a Division designed lightning “, 22, will be held today, Yehud (), August 3, 2001, 7:00 תשע”ד B’Av at the military cemetery in Tel Aviv.
The IDF officer’s funeral
Retired Capt. (Ret.) Noor awesome (EDRI), a “lightning” Division designed, 31, a courageous and will take place today (Sunday), August 3, 2001, 7:00 תשע”ד B’Av at the military cemetery in Netanya. The family wanted to avoid media coverage of the funeral.

2:04-Chief Military Rabbi (רבצ”ר), Brig. Gen. Rafi Peretz, set last night (Saturday) at 11:25 pm the death of IDF officer Lt.
Hadar Goldin. Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, Warrior and Commander in the Givati Brigade, fell in battle in the Gaza Strip on Friday, Thursday, August 1, 2014 תשע”ד AV. The funeral will be held today (Sunday), 7th AV תשע”ד, 3 August 2001 at 17:30 at the cemetery in Kfar Saba, in part.

The Chief Military Rabbi headed a special court established for this purpose, and the decision was made based on the findings from the area and taking into account medical, Halachic considerations and other relevant considerations.

The IDF will continue to maintain direct contact with the family and support as necessary.

IDF forces are continuing operations in awl; “the look”

8:45 pm-Coordinator of government activities in the territories, Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai (Foley), interviewed for the Arab media and the soldier feared for kidnapping. “Information is still not 100% clear. Military forces are in the vicinity of Rafah and trying to crawl until we know the full picture, “said the champion. “Simultaneously, we continue the war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. IDF continues its actions now even in the area of northern Gaza Strip.

Maj. Gen. Mordechai appealed to residents of the Gaza Strip and warned them to prepare for their return to their homes. “Dozens of houses in these areas there are tunnels below ground.
There the city above ground and underground city. This is a limited campaign against Hamas and against civilians, women and children, “said the champion. “Unfortunately, Hamas grabbed and places where bombs to explode the chstza comes. Therefore I ask citizens and Palestinians when they return to their homes — and they make. The IDF left explosives all explosives that are homes of Hamas. “

It also clarifies the ways that Colonel is responsible for the destruction in Gaza is Hamas a terrorist organization and said that “1600 people died because of Hamas, Khaled Mashaal and Ismail made the second. Killing of civilians rests on their shoulders. We went to this war-war because they dug tunnels attack operations towards Israel,
And because the invested funds in Israel rockets. “

In addition, Maj. Gen. Mordechai for further IDF activity.
During operation. “The army continues its military mission and takes damage and harm.
Unfortunately, every time we hit the Hamas-they use it to harm civilians. The army will continue until it finishes its mission. “

6:58 pm Golani Brigade Commander, Colonel resan Alian, referred today to the Division within continental effort in operation cliff “. “The Division has been operating in northern Gaza Strip, especially in the area of סג’עיה where amorkabim enemy formation encountered there, said Colonel Alian. “The main tasks of the Division
Both terrorist infrastructure, with an emphasis on attack operations and tactical tunnels. Beyond that, we have fought terrorist networks including in-fighting and the most important thing is damage to tens
Terrorists in run-ins with the forces of Division. “

During the fighting were killed in one night 8 Brigade and fighters were injured, including the Commander of the Brigade, returning to the battlefield after being released from the hospital. “While unfortunately we had fighting also injured and some wounded,” said Colonel Alian. “Despite this, the Division continued fighting ahead, stabilized on lines of that night’s come in on points for ourselves despite the casualties and wounded-and Division could do in other battles along the wars in recent years.

According to Colonel Alian, feelings of the Division is that during the operation activity improved from one stage to another. “The fact that lachtiba was injured and wounded just gave motivation and fighting spirit to say that night the regiment continued to strive forward, on a mission,” said Colonel Alian. “Right now, the Division continues to handle some tasks that still hasn’t ended. We are in the process of appointment, and the Warriors continue to scour the area and looking for tunnels and terrorist infrastructure. “

It also stressed that haemorrhagic msichotav with the forces that are now outside the Gaza Strip, indicated that the fighters are just waiting for the next mission.
“They ask all the time when going in and when the next mission-ready.
Waiting approval and finish what we started him three weeks ago.

10. during the past 24 hours, the IDF attacked 200 terrorist targets throughout the Gaza Strip. Among the goals that got: production and storage sites for weapons, terrorism and terrorist headquarters which houses terrorists were serving as infrastructure
Command and control. Between command post that got the home of Khalil hatino, an activist in the military head of PIJ a nice impression as the Security Council and as a member of the military Council. They also attacked the home of Khaled naamha, a commander of Hamas in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood.

Also, the night got five sites to store rockets and weapons caches that
Placed inside mosques and umbrella and served as command and control centers as the gathering of Hamas activists. In one of the mosques also activated an operational training, and another mosque was carried out military activity. In addition, had the building Islamic University that is part of the military infrastructure of the terrorist organization Hamas.

In the morning the Launcher attack him rocket barrage to the Sharon region earlier by Israeli aircraft.


IDF forces are continuing operations in awl; “the look”

9:40 pm-Chief of staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, spoke in connection with paratroopers and said “I love to visit again and continue to see the tasks that you perform in a way that you like, and you have to continue. You’re doing a great job and bring a lot of pride. Best of luck to you in all your assignments, I have no doubt that this success come forward and we stand on everything we decide. “

In addition, the Chief of the operational activities within the operation. “The most serious problem is the enemy because you are in it, so he should be concerned and he seems to like this,” said the Chief.

20. the IDF spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Motti, these comments addressed the incident in which IDF officer, second lieutenant kidnapped Hadar Goldin. “Power of the Givati Brigade searched for booby-trapped tunnel coming to the State of Israel and having terrorists who attacked two officers. Then came the ‘ shaft tunnel and explosions, “said IDF spokesman” immediately after the encounter between the power that one missing fighters managed to drill this type of event and began looking for a warrior. He now is a task of the forces in the area, running fire and sweeping the region in the form. “Apparently smuggled through a tunnel officer. I heard half an hour after the incident the Givati report about and realize that Division organized the search operation within minutes.
And St. Paul Division job immediately. The forces on the ground are continuing even now, “added these comments General.

“The event itself is inside a very large operation has a lot of successes, and unfortunately also killed, injured and kidnapped and will do everything to find them,” said IDF spokesman. “this kind of operation, such as off-road and it triggers a lot of force should leave the field after that get the most out of this kind of tunnel blasting that more meters from the tunnel to make a significant achievement. We devote great effort, “Brig. Gen. these comments to the tunnel.

He said that IDF forces find more shafts during operation. “What is important is to find a mother-shaft after the route starts in destroying the tunnels, and that’s what we do in the last two weeks,” explained Brig. Gen. these comments. “The motivation of warriors is high – all understand what an accomplishment should bring. That evening, despite the difficulty that should put things in proprotzia.
You have to remember that for days like this country builds an army has to protect his citizens.
We are working at this time to continue to bring peace. “

Also, consider these comments to expand the general operation in response to the kidnapping and said that “when it comes to expanding activity-has a lot of options on the table. We offer a very rigorous honesty of southern command and the many options that you can perform. All the options are on the table “.


11:40 am — Golani Brigade Force identified a short time ago that emerge from a tunnel shaft. The force opened fire as a result of her killed. In addition, the paratroopers force identified eight hhamisha link.
Israeli aircraft attacked the squad. Damage is detected.

7. last night a Givati Brigade Force identified a terrorist who opened fire. The force returned fire, killing the bomber. No casualties were recorded. During the past 24 hours were about 110 terror targets, of which 20 were attacked during the night. Among the targets attacked included five senior houses used as command and control infrastructure.


3:14 PM-two soldiers were killed in southern Gaza Strip, an event during which trail of second lieutenant Hadar Goldin. Messages delivered to their families.

2:50 pm-allowed publication: compiler, a second lieutenant Goldin Givati, 23 years old from Kfar Saba, he feared that the soldier who was kidnapped in the southern Gaza Strip.

1:35 pm-there is concern that an IDF soldier kidnapped by terrorists, during an event which opened fire on troops in the southern Gaza Strip close to 9:30 a.m.

The event was in full swing and the IDF maintains at this operational efforts and intelligence to locate the soldier.

The message was delivered to his family.

12:57 pm-was allowed to publish the name Captain (Ret.), liran awesome (EDRI), ב”עוצבת Barak, 31 are courageous, was killed yesterday in the evening during the course of an operation on the border with the Gaza Strip.

11-for publishing the names of four soldiers who were killed yesterday in the evening during operational activity on the border of the Gaza Strip:

Sergeant Major (Ret.) Daniel Marsh, Barak ב”עוצבת, 22 from Rishon Lezion.
Sergeant Major (Ret.) was promoted from the rank of staff sergeant to Sergeant rank. The funeral of sergeant major (Ret.) Daniel Marsh held today (Friday) at 3:30 p.m. at the military cemetery
In Holon. His family wanted to avoid media coverage of the funeral.
Captain Omri Tal, Barak ב”עוצבת, 22 from Yehud. Omri Tal axle was a lieutenant to the rank of captain.

Sergeant Shi Kushnir, Barak ב”עוצבת, 20 years old from Kiryat Motzkin.
Sergeant Shi Kushnir was a Sergeant to the rank of Sergeant. The funeral of Sergeant Shi Kushnir will today (Friday), at 2 p.m. in the cemetery in
ATA. His family wanted to avoid media coverage of the funeral.

Sergeant Noam Rosenthal, Barak ב”עוצבת, 20 from string. The funeral of staff sergeant Noam Rosenthal held today (Friday), at 1:00 p.m. at the military cemetery in string. His family wanted to avoid media coverage of the funeral.

8:01-the IDF attacked during the night about 50 terrorist targets throughout the Gaza Strip, including Hamas ‘ launching stations that got by naval forces in cooperation
Infantry forces. in addition, the חמ”ל proud creature and two terrorists by Israeli aircraft.

The force of paratroopers spotted during the night two terrorists near the tunnel. The force opened fire and identified hitting one. Givati forces revealed two shafts and blow them.
Secondary explosions were identified indicating the presence of explosives in the shafts.

4:57-allowed to publish that five soldiers were killed yesterday (Thursday) in the evening on operational activity in the Gaza Strip border in which performed steep-shooting toward troops, Israel territory. In addition, during the past 24 hours, 19 soldiers were wounded during an IDF action messages to families. Since the beginning of operation cast lead killed 61 officers, NCOs and soldiers.

IDF forces are continuing operations in awl; “the look”

1. Chief, Lieutenant General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, today (Thursday) for further action in operation “Cliff”. “The main thing I want to devote to the real heroes of this story,
Still busy with what they deal him. our field troops of all arms, that right now in the Gaza Strip, “Fatah Chief.

“Even their commanders, those affected by those who replaced them, those waiting for a mission that we flip them all over the land, pilots, people in the Navy and intelligence, and forth they too deserve thanks,” added Chief, saying that “there is jointness between the extraordinary forces that operate in the field, respects devotion of the soldiers, their education cliff and what they know they should do while fighting an extraordinary level.”

Referring to the nature of the fighting in Gaza, explained Lieutenant General Gantz “fighting forces in professional speaking areas are very complex, and get along perfectly with the tasks we cast them. They continue with determination the scope. “

He later described the Chief otibedit fighters and forces operating in the area. “You walk into or division headquarters comes to power. You
Don’t know who you’re talking with combat or ג’ובניק, with a pilot or intelligence, they are all mixed together and doing a great job, really stressed defense.

Alongside the continued hostilities in the Gaza Strip, the IDF embraces also the families of the injured and the bereaved families. “We know that commanders organizational systems have nannies and help families and wounded, but we’re looking forward. We’re looking at, and when we finish them we clear out to embrace the families and the public, “Lieutenant General — because restriction” Gantz now families behind, the public, and we. It also will continue in the coming days, all of the necessary, and we are confident that complete our tasks.

“Finally I say opening the heroes we need to look down where they are,” said the Chief.


6:01 pm-funeral of IDF officer major construction, 26, of Kiryat Arba held on Saturday nights (3.8) at 12:15 am in Hebron cemetery. The family wanted to avoid media coverage.

5:40 pm-for publishing the names of an IDF officer and a soldier who were killed in the morning in clashes with gunmen in the southern Gaza Strip:
Major construction, an officer in the Givati Brigade, 26 from Kiryat Arba. Major construction sarel was captain of the rank of major.
Staff Sergeant
Liel gideoni, the Givati Brigade, 20, from Jerusalem. The funeral will be held on Sunday, August 3, 2001, at 5 p.m. in the military cemetery on Mount Herzl. His family wanted to avoid media coverage of the funeral.

For details on events, minute by minute goal after goal.

Translated from Hebrew