IDF forces were the first to help the accident victims in the Valley.


In an accident on Highway 90 killed a woman and injured about 20 teenagers. The first Japanese forces medical assistance in the field were medical value of the Valley.

תאריך: 03/12/2013, 22:29    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן ודנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

Saving the day: the Valley of medicine was the first to send troops to the scene of the accident on Route 90, which killed a woman in her 30s and injured about 20 teenagers. In addition to Gentoo (ICU military) and the Jordan Valley, the okapzzo tag to place all
Gentoo’s outright Division units.

“We got a report of an accident between Ein Gedi to mitzpe Shalem. It is a wide area and we
Need to adjust the power to the systems and military viewpoint “, told IDF breakthrough site קר”פחית, Lieutenant Moran gershoni. Gershoni noted that okapzzo place, troops and fire extinguishers.

The Israel Police’s preliminary investigation indicated that the bus driver went head-on white line, override the civilian vehicle and trampled him. The troops knew you were driving in your car is already impossible to save and care for children. “We started to move the wounded reported, number 23, gershoni,” continued the childcare and cleared them to the hospital in ambulances of the Negev. The children suffered injuries, mostly boots, chest pressure and anxiety. Dozens of ambulances arrived at the area.

Who came first to the area command had “סמח”ט and combat engineering Regiment 76,
And they’re the ones who gave the initial treatment in the instruction which you operate gershuni’s breakthrough, קא”ר war, second lieutenant ans Polak, ran the event.

Translated from Hebrew