Date: April 26, 2005, 6:46 pm the IDF removed that today (Sunday), g. Bayer, תשע”ה 26 April 2015 aid delegation will depart to Nepal. The delegation includes the HFC forces and medical corps.
The delegation will depart for Nepal from Ben Gurion Airport and will help in the effort to save the life of victims of the quake disaster that the Nepal at the weekend.
Thanks to the Organization of the assistance mission, the initial objective will be search and rescue of trapped in the disaster.
At the same time
The rescue mission, the delegation which will include field hospital medical professional departments such as surgical Department, obstetrics, Pediatrics, women, x-rays, hospitalization and premature births Department shattered by. The classes run by medical personnel and include doctors, nurses, EMTs, paramedics, pharmacists, mental health professionals, x-ray and laboratory workers tchnii.
Another task of the rescue mission is resuming contact with the Israelis than anything in Nepal at the time of the disaster are now defined “heseg.
At the top of
The delegation will be the Commander of the regular swing of the home front command, Colonel Yoram to survive. As Mayor
The medical system and medical facility opens will be Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Colonel driving in Maple. As the rescue effort will serve as Commander of the national search and rescue of the home front command, Colonel David.
The delegation has about 260 officers and regular soldiers and reserves, including about 60 tons of medical and logistical supplies.
Proud to be the first armies to help victims of the severe earthquake which reigned Nepal. Delegation infused with a sense of mission and determination to rescue, animal rescue, and medical care of victims of the disaster.

Translated from Hebrew