Date: 10/06/2005, 11:16 am the IDF removed because yesterday (Tue), 22 Sivan תשע”ה, 9 June 2015, a surprise inspection in IDF units led by visiting the IDF Brigadier General (Res.) Ilan Harari, reviewed administrative routine, discipline, personnel and approximately 40 units in detail.
The criticism began this morning conducted by audit teams of IDF critic who arrived concurrently without the various units throughout the country,
And studied the topics listed above. An hour ago, the moderator, Brig. Gen. (Res.) Ilan Harari first findings to Chief of general staff, General Gadi Eisenkot said: “military auditing is conducted regularly in full and it is important to maintain strength
And IDF’s morality “
Chief said in remarks the importance of auditing as part of the activities carried out during the year to improving and maintaining the readiness and the commands and admitted to the IDF and the visitor.
“I welcome criticism. The goal is an effective army, and professional values. Discipline is the basis of the personnel are the most important thing we have. On the one hand we have placed high and norms to address specifically “IDF Chief Auditor said, adding that” the role of criticism is to catching up and view.
To improve the military units “.

Translated from Hebrew