Date: 04/09/2014, 10:11 pm the IDF removed because today (Thursday), 9 Elul תשע”ד, September 4, 2014, annual conjugal ceremony commemorating the martyrs of the artillery corps, the Memorial and the Memorial” gunner “in zichron Yaacov.
The ceremony was held in the presence of Chief of general staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, Commander of GoC army headquarters, Maj. Gen. Guy Tzur, head of the Operations Directorate, Aluf Yoav Har even, gunnery officer head, Roy Riftin, Navy commanders in the past and the present, bereaved families, soldiers and artillery officers.
Artillery corps took part in all Israel’s wars and 780 spaces for 66 years of protecting the State. During operation “Cliff” operated and commanders of all Corps values to ensure the safety of the residents of Israel.
According to the Chief of the General staff, Gen. Benjamin Gantz (): “since the Gunners began to fuse during the war of independence, and force commanders with determination and dedication, love of country and dispel belief in righteousness, carried out the mission to which they were sent — this sophistication and power. So we are at the end of “Cliff”. In this campaign were operating artillery forces high intensity from the opening act to the end, in detention and destruction of targets
The enemy and fire fighters assistance at the front. Fighting in the region, with the presence of civilians in the fighting and running wide land forces requires interoperability, and professionalism. Power efficient and precise fire, providing artillery corps fighters, he prepared the terrain for armored fighters, infantry and engineering, and help in making the land maneuver. The array of components, proved once again the importance and
Importance, demonstrated once again that is pillar of fire before the camp. “
The words of the Chief artillery officer Brig. Gen. Roy Riftin: “all regular artillery units were the last campaign and a deadly fire to any space. And commanders of the artillery batteries, firing squads, with the troops in front of a fire and sharing officers when an aircraft operators are staffed, trailers and fire command post, fought fiercely, day and night, received decisions in complex combat conditions and continue the legacy that the fall woodworking family, gave. Way is our way, and the younger generation in his mshmrtho, proves once again that he deserved the title-gunner.

Translated from Hebrew