Date: 20/08/2014, 10:40 pm the IDF removed because today (Wed), תשע”ד, AV 20 August 24 2014, annual conjugal ceremony was held to commemorate the martyrs of the Golani Brigade, the Memorial and the Golani Brigade Museum located at Golani junction.
The ceremony was held in the presence of the Minister of Justice, Mrs MK Tzipi Livni, Chief of staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, Deputy Chief of general staff, major general Gadi Eisenkot, Commander of the northern command, Maj. Gen. Yair Golan and Golani Brigade Commander, Colonel batch Alian.
From the State to the present, over 66 years of intensive and extensive activities to protect borders
And maintaining the security of its citizens, 1,459 hativat bride.
Golani Brigade took part in operation “Israel fights and Cliff” in which bride 16 commanders and fighters.
Chief of general staff, Gen. Benjamin Gantz (): “they were members of the city group
And the seat, batteries and immigrants, Jews and other religious and secular-the human mosaic of the Golani Brigade, they reflected the unity of Israel. Golani
And the Division fought a alitani to the Gulf of Aqaba, the battles on the Golan, the occupation, the Lebanon and Bint Jebel, Nablus and ksvot alleys of Jenin.
It attaches a unique heritage of fighters and is created in the later years the spirit. Her “גולנצ’יקית”, escorting the State of Israel since its inception during the war during peace.
The fighting in the southern sector is not over. Once again Hamas violated the cease-fire. According to the political guidelines, and in coordination with, and story itself.
Required, the offensive activities. Golani brigade commanders and soldiers, as part of an entire army, with all its values and services-ready, alert and determined to continue to fight in any way required until the quiet to recover our borders. The army, and I am sure that society in Israel, have patience and strength to continue as necessary.
According to the Commander of the Golani Brigade, Colonel ‘ batch: “I believe that the power and strength we’ve seen in recent weeks, both soldiers ‘ combat and Golani, both compliance and strength of Israel, let us today as well as in the future, to stand firm and face harsh and mirrors built expensive loss.

Translated from Hebrew