Date: 06/08/2013, 8:20 pm the IDF removed because today (Tue), l. Bab תשע”ג, 6 August 2013, the founding ceremony was held the first regular swing in the HFC.
The ceremony.
Held at the school of search and rescue in pesticides, Commander of the home front command, Maj. Gen. Eyal eizenberg, Commander of the district, Colonel Yoram to survive, which ended a year ago, his role as Commander of the Central District of the HFC.
The first is a regular in the HFC unifies the four regiments: Dawn, Tabor. Is dedicated to the rescue, rescue and father and be the primary response to a national emergency scenarios.
According to the Commander of the home front command, major general Eyal Eisenberg: the establishment of the command, the command changes to many and significant. At the same time, the threats and challenges for the Homefront are growing pains and back becomes the front. In an emergency, get is responsible for providing operational sector respond to search and rescue incidents, non-conventional events,
Helps to perform any task her need.
According to the Commander of the mshimtit province, Colonel Yoram to survive: “today we are creating a regular swing, which meets
Immediately available and each scenario if that routine or emergency emergencies as a result of the war, and he certainly upgrade the response of the HFC in saving lives of citizens of the State of Israel. “

Translated from Hebrew