Date: 01/07/2005, 7:12 pm the IDF removed because today (Wed), 14 Tammuz תשע”ה, 1 July 2015, the closing ceremony,” Brigade battalion Aisha. “
The ceremony.
Conducted in the presence of head of the central command, Brig. Gen. Ilan Malka, Commander, Commodore designed IC abman pine, Kfir Brigade Commander, Colonel Asher Ben-Lulu, “LAVI battalion, Lieutenant Colonel tiling, dawn and soldiers of the battalion commanders.
“LAVI battalion, established in 2001, was closed as a result of organizational changes in the IDF. The Regiment is the youngest of the Kfir Brigade battalions, “and during the years took a significant part in protecting the citizens of the State of Israel. Fighters and commanders of battalion fought terrorism, and defense operations is their a year ago during the return “.
With the closing of the remaining battalion of the Kfir Brigade “five troops” Samson, “Nachshon” duchifat “carob” ו”נצח Yehudah”.
Commander, Commodore designed “Oren” battalion abman closed today due to changes in organizational structure and the challenges faced. Also in recent months, the battalion to have significant operational activities and meet all defined tasks and thus found the battalion commanders notable leadership. “
Kfir Brigade Commander, Colonel Asher Ben-Lulu, “had the honor to command together.
The battalion with which every Warrior is first of all a human being. Fighters and commanders of battalion of bereaved families and remain part of the Kfir Brigade.
The words “LAVI battalion commander, LTC dawn ״גדוד ‘ tiling: led, sismatno is ׳ערכים,
And commanders in advance. You made your password to a way of life, heritage and WARBOUND. I am proud to lead a company and battalion warriors defending Israel and the land of Israel with at any given moment.

Translated from Hebrew