Date: 21/09/2014, 11:18 pm the IDF removed that today (Sunday), 21 September 2014, 26 Elul, תשע”ד gave a commendation ceremony to an officer and a soldier from” Foundation “and” Golan decorated officer and two soldiers of the Golani Brigade’s egoz unit.
In addition, the ceremony awarding recognitions to outstanding units in the army reserves, by the Commander of northern command, General Yair Golan, a cultural Hall.
OC desert North, Maj. Gen. Yair Golan: “stand here on the stage are the shadow, are the heroes. Appreciated much. Those who battle experiences, who knows the dryness of the mouth when, who knows the adrenaline that flows in the blood, the heartbeat, see moazzot
What I’m talking about. Not easy, not easy to maintain composure, not just to do the right thing. Honor and glory to the heroes, the honor and the glory. “

Translated from Hebrew