Date: 18/12/2011, 8:50 pm Diver course graduation, class 100, held today (Sunday), Navy base in Haifa, Navy commander major general RAM Rothberg, Commander, Base Commander, Brig. Gen. avi development training base, Colonel Zahi Elfman, Commander of the 7th Squadron
Colonel g., finishers, families and friends. Fresh graduates were awarded degrees symbol, at the end of course voluntary, professional, challenging, 1 year and 2 months.
Next week will be combined and graduates to fill the roles of submarine force, according to which professional trend associated with:
·       A machine-run floating systems, technical complexity have Army: pneumatic and hydraulic motors.
Trend detection and navigation — playback of advanced navigation and discovery of the submarines in the world. This class is role to direct the movement of deep sea submarine
·       -Mechanics Department and operating control systems that control all the engineering systems.
·       A kiss – and all the advanced weapons systems in the submarine.
·       A sonar-analysis and operating sonar systems, of the various situations to which operations can run the submarine at sea.
… Trend-trend opens one to five cycles. For this program to work
Contact systems in the submarine and is the Chief’s right-hand man when it comes to communication with the outside world.
Navy commander major general RAM Rothberg and finishers, said: “Marvel just to maintain the safety of the State of Israel above and below the water. You group
Volunteered to take a unique and complex task that lap man will not, which
Requires calm, mental strength, excellence, leadership, love of others, restructure, and teamwork in terms of extraordinary pressure and steadfastness. The mission took place
A lot of responsibility, secretly provided uncertainty. From now on, secrecy and characterize lethal mission.

Translated from Hebrew