Date: 28/05/2005, 8:46 pm the IDF removed because today (Thursday), Sivan y. תשע”ה, 28 may 2015, the Colonel commanding the Brigade Cohen lay the replacement ceremony held in the Memorial rests in Pardes Hanna, OC Central command, Maj. Gen. Roni NOMA, Commander of” steel “decorated Brigadier General nadav, unadulterated Zit popping and controls Division, fighters and family members are welcome.
Colonel Amos HA switched his sub champion Orry who in the role of Gordin a year. Colonel to Brigadier General URI as Gordin and named Sir designed fire. “”
The commander said “steel” decorated Brigadier General nadav Gordin, unadulterated Zit popping “arrived in the Division into turmoil. Not your grace days required when entering and running the operation “return to” combat operation “Cliff”. The Transport Division on the way to impressive achievements in operational activities and routines.
Amos, we’ve known for many years. Proving yourself in quality and significant activity for years and we are delighted to return to us.
Personality and ethical and professional way guarantee success. I trust your ability to continue to March forward regiment to new heights. I want to take this opportunity to express appreciation to the Division for operational employment period in Gaza and Judea and Samaria, and the preparation and entry into money laundering. In ashiitchm you prove every time the power of the human bmizzoi. “
The Brigade Commander from Noah, Colonel URI Gordin: “just over a year ago we were in this class, and I got me the responsibility for control and lead the Division.  ב”צוק” we are soldiers of the brigade commanders and Noah, come for the day and went out to fight, working toward the contact and went to protect the citizens of Israel and residents of the South. Dare and stood throughout, commanders have
Front and led the troops and intelligence initiative, self-sacrifice and acts of heroism demonstrated in the face of the enemy. Higher and professional cohesion-dare and won. Commanders and soldiers of the Nahal Brigade-when I look back on the past year fills me with pride on his chest through which reviewed work and what we have achieved. When I look at you, I contracted with humility and especially thankful for the privilege to walk between you and lead you in battle.
The Brigade Commander, Colonel Amos priest: “a sense of responsibility I stand in front of you today and get me the right to command the Division rested, fancy Brigade which from its inception to register all hot scenes and many operational achievements. In place a range of measures and tools, technologies and capabilities, but the power
In its people-combatants and commanders, determined to succeed at any task, big-little Toby construction of Israeli society.
Brigade commanders and soldiers, I’m obliged to lead you in the proper way. To continue to build up the spirit and strength of the Division, to leave the us commanders, to refine and improve the service and leadership of fighters and commanders prepare for war at every scene exists.

Translated from Hebrew