Date: February 19, 2001, the IDF removed midnight that day (Wed), 19 Adar Alef תשע”ד, 19 February 2014, held command course graduation and” Afek “Matchday 28, Ramat ef’al. The ceremony was held in the presence of Chief of general staff, Lieutenant General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, Commander Gen. Jose Ben idtz, Commander of the zroeit International College to command Brigadier General, Rabbi Halevi, Commander and command course “Afek”, Colonel Sharon Afek, senior army commanders.
The course successfully completed approximately 96 officers of IDF troops and arms to command positions in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
The course, which lasted four months, bought campers knowledge and tools that will contribute to the continued service and explore the various IDF units and fighting cuts across the country. The course also emphasizes cooperation and create a common language among IDF arms, for the purpose of establishing, as a service and the IDF’s preparedness to face the threats and challenges facing him.
Chief of general staff, Gen. Benjamin Gantz (): “the IDF is an army of servants, military power that combines the power of wind, militiamen, see military service isn’t a burden because if you win. So I see you from the IDF-relay their country proudly,
Believing in the righteousness of way love the country and its people. In the public debate about the servants don’t see, don’t recognize the names. If you would look with Israel about sitting in the evening could see who it is. I know you and I can say with confidence that you and I, junior senior, you are the driving force the IDF from its inception. “

Translated from Hebrew