Date: 21/03/2013, the IDF removed that midnight today (Thursday), Nissan תשע”ג, release 21 March 2013, the State completed exercise noble (Noble Dina). The joint forces exercise troops from Greece, the United States and Israel, and lasts about two weeks.
The joint exercise was held in the Mediterranean, and in the framework of cooperation between the three forces rehearsed various scenarios: marine search and rescue, and effective responses to emergencies, medical evacuation, navigation and firing ranges.
The exercise was attended by boats, helicopters
And search and rescue aircraft of three countries. Rocket ship ins Eilat “, ins Keshet, ins” spear “and a marine helicopter on behalf of the Israeli Navy.
The exercise is part of the cooperative security cooperation with navies of other Navy and is part of the graph. The IDF considers this exercise as an opportunity to learn and to establish fruitful cooperation between the armies.

Translated from Hebrew