Date: 20/03/2013, 12 am tomorrow (Thursday), Nissan תשע”ג, release 21 March 2013, will the HFC two exercises in Haifa between 10:30-13:00. The exercises will be held in conjunction with the Haifa municipality, Ministry of health, the hospital in the city, the “sons of Zion” and Israel Police.
One ב”טכניון will” not practiced with the test center and (b). Second exercise will take place at “an extensive event Viedma are getting hurt.
The IDF said that the exercise was planned in advance as part of the graph for 2013 and training designed to maintain fitness and medical alert systems in the community and hospitals in Israel.
More information can be found in the information center of the HFC at 1207 and the Web site at

Translated from Hebrew