Date: 13/02/2013, the IDF removed midnight tomorrow, Thursday, 4 Maple תשע”ג, February 14
2013 will exercise which simulate rocket fall scenario when, at all schools and kindergartens in Israel. The exercise was planned in advance as part of the graph for 2013 and training held annually by the home front command in conjunction with the Ministry of education, Israel, Magen David Adom, Fire Department and local authorities.
The exercise will be opened at 10:05 am
The siren go up and down all over the country (except in the area of the Gaza Strip in 0.7 km),
Alarm systems of the HFC. In addition the messages sent text messages to mobile phones that support technology (Cell Broadcast) and sound siren at a regional radio stations.
The exercise will take place in all kindergartens and schools in the country and aims to raise the education system ready to rocket and fall scenarios for correct behavior when it occurs. Special emphasis on the children from the school yard or garden, go into the reactive area and most effective.
In addition, the exercise in deepening cooperation between the local authorities and the educational institution and the home front command and emergency organizations and volunteers.
Various organizations, internalizing side ways of dealing in rocket fell in the education system.
In preparation, recently took preliminary exercises in various educational institutions and training were in classrooms to students by a population emergency readiness of the HFC.
The home front command in cooperation with the Ministry
The education will continue to increase preparedness at all educational institutions in emergency by constant practice as part of an overall system of exercises for increasing preparedness bodies for various types of emergencies.

Translated from Hebrew