Date: 01/02/2011, 00:00 standing
Chief of general staff, General Gabi Ashkenazi, was held today (Tue) integrated combat series of GoC army IDF shizafon base. The impressive display was attended by the Commander of GoC army headquarters, Maj. Gen. Sami turgeman and Chief naval officers from the army. Combined arms series
Is the display capabilities of GoC army headquarters which perform arm soldiering cadets armour, artillery, engineering, combat intelligence collection and the infantry combat exercises that combine various techniques, including fighting in a built-up area, a barrier is composed of artillery support and occupation objectives in cooperation with the air forces and air support, freeing mossek 669 and supplies.
As part of
From the fighting in recent years, the Mainland is leading the process of cooperation between arm and send. This process is reflected in general practice
And combat doctrine development, and demonstrated in a series of combined arms.
Chief of general staff, General Gabi Ashkenazi, said during the event that now quiet along the border as a result of the activities necessary in all sectors which was good. Our whole purpose is to enable residents of the State of Israel to live in security.
The quiet and based on good and effective deterrent, but it is also fragile. Rush could be and it would decline during the period. My expectation that you what you saw here able to launch and implement into practice. Also we don’t stagnate octim, IDF and we have increased combat capabilities, world-class, but it would be a collection of steel if you don’t know how to use them.
In reality
Today’s Israel is expecting of us, if the threat of it, remove it, just as operation cast lead, and he definitely has trust that we are able to do so. I also trust you and trust you. We need to understand the extent of the responsibilities on our shoulders we all, when, to make the capabilities and means and to be prepared.
Lead if required.

Translated from Hebrew