Date: 15/09/2014, 23 IDF spokesperson onlyone ethics (2), 20 Elul תשע”ד, 15 September 2014, moving ceremony Kfir Brigade designed steel” bpicodo “of Commodore” designed to nadav unadulterated Zit popping “bpicodo of Commodore abman pine. The ceremony was held in the presence of OC Central command, Maj. Gen. Nitzan Alon.
The transfer is a significant step
Added on tzairth development of IDF infantry divisions, which was recently back in operation “. In this context, the Division is expected to participate in programs to combat all the decrees.
The commander said “steel” decorated Brigadier General volunteer Brigade “unadulterated Zit popping
“Aisha”, showed modestly and mission that you are willing to learn and develop, so keep those features that let you silently and unobtrusively to conquer new peaks.
Designed for “,” do you get to your strong Division significantly, it could grow new age. Continue to build and nurture the Division, I am convinced that it will know how to respond.
Your just rewards. “
The words “designed” Commander, Commodore abman pine: “as part of changing the battlefield and against the war, the IDF adapts to challenges of the present and foreseeable future and Division is a living example of that. Last year we closed three armored divisions with luxurious heritage recorded designed “roller steel, and today we get construction but energetic young of Division: Kfir Brigade fighters. An Armored Division which was established one year after the Yom Kippur war, the Division multi-relief for intra-Theatre lift master
In fighting against terrorism and guerrilla warfare, in all forms and complex battlefield “.
Kfir Brigade Commander, Colonel Asher Ben Lulu: “this ceremony of the Kfir Brigade glove
Designed to “age” is another milestone in the development of an infantry brigade division manipulated.
The staff at this step is, another step in fulfilling the vision of Division
To be manipulated, Infantry Brigade leading, ready for her scene required. The development
Guerrilla and terrorist threats on all fronts, illustrates the need for skilled infantry forces, can be imposed for each scene quickly and to do it in a professional manner utilizing the capabilities of regular force, with fighting skills as regimental combat team.

Translated from Hebrew