The IDF says that protective ceremony the Minister of environmental protection was held today (Thursday), 26 books, July 28, 2010 2011, camp Rabin (base hakirya) in Tel Aviv, in the presence of the Minister of environmental protection, Knesset member Gilad erdan, Chief of general staff, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz and technological and Logistics Directorate, Aluf Dan Biton.

“Protecting Secretary of environmental protection in the IDF is held annually, for eight years, in collaboration with the Ministry of environmental protection, while recognizing the importance of personal initiative and excellence in education program annual IDF Rabbi” keeps “.

The program
“The IDF maintains” it yielded so far several achievements, including 14 connection to store sewage evacuation of more than 20,000 square meters of dangerous asbestos treatment sites, formulate a program for the treatment of waste in all IDF set up “green” standards for new construction and construction of environmental protection צה”לי rule value. In addition, the advanced introduced technologies for saving energy and resources, leading to savings of about 30% in water consumption savings of over 13% in fuel consumption and significant savings in power consumption.

In the framework of
The competition, the Minister of environmental protection, Knesset member Gilad erdan, shield the personal category winners and the Committee for projects developed for environmental protection; The first place winner in the space unit is changing, for the systems installation project will see sewer pumping stations which prevents faults that can cause environmental pollution.

The winner
The personal category, cpl. alhaj_azizi, that education in Regional Medical Center South, toy construction project and auxiliary means of recycled materials for the benefit of a disabled child.

The winner
First place in the category photo is Sergeant Michael schwadron, in the film unit of the IDF spokesperson, the image “a natural engineering” taken in organized Corps soldiers.

Minister of environmental protection, Knesset member Gilad erdan, Israeli “double responsibility, is responsible for protecting Israel from enemy, alongside environmental protection, where the IDF last year made huge way”.

Chief-of-staff, Maj. Gen. Benny Gantz, the ceremony: “the IDF considers protecting the environment is clear – to reduce as much as possible the resource utilization, handle the nuisances and implement of construction and sustainable development. “The IDF saves the environment,” is an important step in this process and the results are already visible in the field.

Translated from Hebrew