Date: 11/06/2010, 00:00 (Fri) conducted senior officers in the air force and the army meeting aghbaria, which displayed military briefing summary the accident that killed ALA aghbaria.
ALA was killed while attempting to save his life and extracted by helicopter after being injured as a result of the rise of a mine in a minefield.
The officers.
Updated the family that the summary investigation revealed that the cause of the event is direct action
Unprofessional of the rescue of 669 + the processes took place.
Donated to the poor in structure and in particular complexity and risk in air rescue mission the minefield.
Furthermore, the main recommendations
Research about improving the training and coaching for this complex task, update theory
Fighting and rescue techniques using a helicopter from mines and improving command and control processes. Also updated family that measures commanding against air force officials involved in rescue paolotiham expertise is corruption.
Participants in the family’s grief and stand beside her.

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Translated from Hebrew