Date: 25/11/2012:00 IDF removed that last week was launched November 2012 recruiting cycle to the IDF field units.
Of all the devices in the field units to serve as fighters, this statistic reflects stability against recent recruitment cycles-44.9% in August and recruitment of 45.0% recruitment cycle of March 2011.
In addition, 28.1% of recruits expressed a desire to serve in one of the infantry divisions. See all recruits in the recruiting cycle, 59.7% set to one of three units that ranked in the first places.
Thousands of recruits in the recruiting cycle include about 90 immigrants who came to Israel as part of the core of Sabra, most of which will complement according to the request made to the various infantry units.
Added them, joined the current yeshiva cycle, including those belonging to runway combinations “, the offers 24 months of active service.
“In reality.
It challenges the IDF deployed before going and growing pains, a significant increase in scope needs good combat forces, “said head of personnel, Maj. Gen. Ali love,
Open recruitment. “The increase in operational needs requires us to ensure the strengthening of the Warrior and the scope. The IDF needs contributions of recruits and will continue to work with all their channels to ensure that all immshho must raise the duty to serve, which is a great honor. “
Today (Sunday), 11th in Kislev תשע”ג, 25 November 2012, Chief of the General staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, recruitment to the armored Corps.
The staff greeted the fresh recruits and said: “today you are joining the armored Corps-with a huge heritage, with huge amounts of power, advanced systems and tanks. You will have no service easy, challenging service of long and sustained activity, requiring personal investment and tank level team, Department and company. In Act No one is more important or less important. Can’t live without the combination, armour, artillery and intelligence. “

Translated from Hebrew