Date: August 23, 2001, 2:38 pm the IDF removed that day (s), 27 AV. תשע”ד, 23 August 2014, starting early afternoon, IDF operation population warning throughout the Gaza Strip.
The population warning is done through various means including dropping leaflets, announcements and dissemination for text messaging.
The version below:
“To the residents,
The IDF will thwart any terrorist activities and harm the terrorist infrastructure and the activists of Hamas and the other terrorist organizations.
The Hamas leadership will continue to be persecuted, while hiding under ground and ignores the needs of civilians in Gaza and calling for peace.
The IDF will run hard against any military or civilian facility from which will be terrorist activities against the State of Israel.
Each House is mmrachbo, iitkef activity and hurt.
How are actually prevent terrorist operatives to use property for terrorist purposes and all workers where terrorist organizations.
The IDF calls you to evacuate immediately the area where Israel is at.
The Gaza campaign.
You have been warned.
IDF headquarters.
Below the recorded messages:
“The leadership
Hamas decided to drag you back. Prevent terrorist operatives to use the property for their own purposes and instantly from wherever they operate.

Translated from Hebrew