Date: 22/05/2011: the IDF removed because recognition week 2010 reserve system will open tomorrow (Sunday), Bayer י”ח, 22 May 2010. This week the IDF salutes to soldiers and commanders of the reserve value of the contribution over the years and giving and sacrifice, spirit of volunteerism
And contribution to the security of the State of Israel, and families bearing the burden.
The reserve is a major brick in Israel and residents State security, emergency, and air, land and sea. Some of the significant improvement in the preparedness of the IDF and chshirotho, took the second Lebanon war, ieads that servants trained reserve today, more professional and tasks in an emergency.
During the week there will be several major events, including a ceremony for outstanding officers and soldiers to the Chief of the General staff, appreciation of the reserve system in Israel, a Government meeting on the subject.
Reserves and units of excellence ceremony, President of the country.
The servants are recruited in the order and according to law, in order to fulfill their duty. The IDF has set as one of its goals to work for the welfare of the servers, and ensure that all reserve one is called into service knowing that invested his time and mission conditions.

Translated from Hebrew