Date: July 17, 2010, 12:00 am Aug 2010 recruitment cycle underway tomorrow, Sunday, July 18, 2009
2010 7th AV 5770 fundraising cycle close open recruitment of native calendar 1992 and is the largest of the cycles of induction field units.

Rising cycle lasting motivation for fighting compared to August 2009:45.5% of all handsets in the field units to serve as fighters, compared with 44.7 percent in August last year.

The embedded soldiers to serve as warriors 97 percent expressed a desire to serve in combat roles. This is an increase compared to August last year, so that the rate of 94%;

The draft also reflects an increase in desire to serve in the infantry divisions, 46% of recruits to serve in the infantry divisions in this priority, compared to 27.7% in August 2009. The desire to serve in the infantry divisions reflects the increase in motivation for recruitment. It also reflects the current recruitment cycle increased demand for the service and the home front command.
In the near future recruitment to enlist the army boys and girls destined for combat service in the units field, an array of fighting and management roles.
100% of the units field amshovatim set to one of three initial priorities, recruitment rate equivalent to August last year. 97% of embedded into the armored Corps to serve in combat, 98% of the amtgiisim Corps to serve as fighters; From embedded to volunteer artillery 88% to the Warrior; 95% of embedded to combat intelligence collection Corps to serve as fighters.

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