The IDF says that recruiting cycle August 2011 underway tomorrow (Sunday), 24 July 2011, 22 in Tamuz, 5771 fundraising cycle close open recruitment of native calendar 1993 and is the largest of the cycles of induction field units.


Reflects stability in combat motivation compared to August 2010:45.5% of all handsets in the field units to serve as fighters, the same as last year. Among the soldiers who serve as fighters giving 95% expressed a desire to serve in combat roles. This is a slight increase compared to last August, so that the rate of 94%;


In recruiting
Soon to join the Israeli boys and girls destined for combat service in the units field, array and supporters to administrative roles. 100% of the units field amshovatim set to one of three initial priorities, recruitment rate equivalent to August last year.

This development has increased the volume of recruits for the aerial defense to allow the creation of “iron dome” battery “.


In challenging and complex, both because of its size and because the almanac’s first recruit, “said head of personnel, Maj. Gen. Ali love. “This draft maintains a level of motivation to serve in combat units, which is a source of encouragement and pride. Special attention is given in special populations including ultra-Orthodox recruits and minorities constitutes an expression of our people’s Army “model.

Translated from Hebrew